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Surat: The city’s textile businessmen are pinning their hopes on the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections for a wake-up call to revive the beleaguered industry.
With a most disappointing wedding season, textile marketers are designing digitally printed sarees specifically to woo the UP electorate and do business from accrued interest.
So, the six yards will not just cover voters, but be a talking point for BJP supporters with boxes and catalogs for campaign purposes! “A group of textile traders will distribute free sarees with images of Modi and Yogi in UP. Later, if these catch the attention of traders in UP, Surat industry will do business,” said Rajiv Omar, a businessman.
The city’s textile industry remained a favorite place to source election campaign materials. Flags, caps, banners and other textile materials are designed and printed in large quantities in the city, reducing its cost.
Textile Yuva Brigade President Lalit Sharma told TOI, “A group of businessmen have planned to launch some models and products to take advantage of the election season and hope to do business. A large number of finished garment fabrics and sarees are supplied to UP, so we have planned to put pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on each box.
“Delivering materials in the shortest possible time is Surat’s specialty. Some specialist business groups are efficient enough to deliver campaign materials in just three to four days and when it comes to election campaigning, time is the most crucial factor,” another businessman said. city-based textile.

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