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Online shopping for women – Hand weaving has been the pride of India for 5000 years. It is an art that represents our culture and our tradition. It is a technique passed down from generation to generation. It’s magic that only some can make. This is the very essence of the Indian textile industry. At the same time, block printing emerged as a technique for decorating fabrics with different dyes and colors.

Thousands of years ago, India was a pioneer of hand weaving in the Indus Civilization era. Indian weavers have created beautiful handmade fabrics that have been adorned and loved by people all over the world. From China to Rome, Indian looms were loved by everyone. While block printing originated at the same time, it flourished during the Mughal era. The Mughals brought more curved murals and floral designs to India, which became popular in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It then spread to other parts of the country.

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However, with the introduction of synthetic fibers by the British, India’s handloom industry declined. India has become an exporter of raw cotton from an exporter of looms. Block printing or hand printing also suffered at the hands of the British.

But art and skill can never be lost! Handloom ran in the blood of weavers and a revolution has come! From Gandhi’s charkha to post-independence initiatives, Indian Handloom and Block Printing have come back to light. Although the cost of the loom and block printing has increased over the years, the roots of our culture and tradition have brought it back.

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From Chanderi to Kalamkari and from Maheshwari Silk to Mysore Silk, art and craftsmanship is reflected in Indian looms. Weavers and textile industries played an important role in reviving the handloom industry. Bulk printing has also been revived in Gujarat and Rajasthan through government and business initiatives. The once lost industry has found its way back not only in India but globally.

Women’s Online Shopping – Prints & Weaves

If there had not been several textile merchants, the Indian loom and block printing might not have made a comeback. One such family is the family of Mr. Apoorv Jain. Passed down from generation to generation, his textile business focused on the revival of the Indian loom and printing press. The “Prints & Weaves” business is a family heirloom, which the family has been building for over 100 years.

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By working closely with artisans, infusing technology without compromising quality, the Jain family has ensured they create the finest Handloom fabrics. They understand the importance of how Handloom is part of Indian culture and why it is necessary to protect it.

Not only did they help revive the handloom industry, but they also brought back age-old techniques like block printing. The current generation drives the company forward using an innovative approach while preserving traditional values.

Women’s Online Shopping – Prints & Weaves

Indian loom and printing has developed over the years through the efforts of artisans, weavers, trading houses and the government. Various schemes and schemes have been put in place by the Indian government to promote Indian looms. In recent years, the demand for Indian looms with block printing has increased with more and more people adopting these handicrafts across the world.

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Handwoven fabrics are made with pure yarns using non-mechanical techniques. Although block printing requires a lot of effort, it certainly looks good. It takes dedication, hard work and skill. Handwoven textiles are the finest and most beautiful fabrics! The hand weaving and hand printing industries are the soul of the Indian textile industry!

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