With 24,000 units sold during Amazon Prime Day, the Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Bedding Set claims the #1 spot in the bedding category.


DIAMOND BAR, CA., July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bedsure, one of the world’s leading home textile manufacturers with over 18 million cozy customers served to date, is pleased to announce that the bestselling Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set has created a new record by becoming the most popular in its category. among the competition, as over 24,000 units of the cozy sheet set have was sold within 24 hours, generating a turnover of more than $129.98 million from the bamboo sheet set at the end of Amazon Prime Day.

Since its launch in 2019, Bedsure’s 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set and many other Viscose Bamboo products have helped hundreds of thousands of customers feel great and comfortable, even during the most uncomfortable hot and humid nights. The popularity has resulted in impressive popularity among customers looking for a comfortable night’s sleep on hot, humid summer nights and media accreditation for its comfortable features at great value.

Some of the real user testimonials include,

“I must report that your sheets caused me the most stress.” –The Baileysa customer of United States.

“I’ve been suffering from night sweats lately, and these sheets have been a godsend.” -said Dennisa customer of Canada.

The beloved Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set is backed by leading media including Forbes, Yahoo, People Magazine, New York Magazine, Real Simple and more. “Naturally thermoregulating and breathable to keep you dry all night long,” wrote Forbes, after extensively testing Bamboo’s 100% Natural Viscose Bedsure Sheet Set.

“If you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of crawling into bed on cooling sheets, you’ll want to change that as soon as possible.” People.com reviewed the Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set and provided the statement after reviewing the life-changing sheet set on a hot, humid summer night.

The boom in demand for Bedsure’s famous viscose-based bamboo products, while surprising, is not altogether unexpected given the life-changing experience of customers living in a climate hottest and world famous media support.

“We are honored to see the market reaction to the Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set.” Said Lyndon Cao, CMO of Bedsure. “We conduct extensive fabric market research before a product even reaches the R&D stage to ensure that our products can provide the maximum comfort in the scenarios, should the need arise. Our 100% viscose fabric of bamboo is the result of fine engineering that sets us apart from the competition.”

What sets Bedsure’s 100% Viscose Bamboo Fabric apart from the rest is the expert craftsmanship that has made the Bedsure variation far superior. Bedsure’s 100% viscose bamboo fabric is extremely durable to withstand wear and tear; A special treatment is applied to reduce wrinkles on bamboo-based fabrics; A stain repellent application is added to the fabric to ensure that the moisture wicking fabric does not stain easily from excess liquid, such as sweat.

With all the Bedsure enhancements and natural bamboo benefits made to 100% viscose bamboo fabric, this Bedsure fabric is Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX. The certification verifies that Bedsure’s bamboo products are free from harmful chemicals and materials through and through.

From July 2022, Bedsure 100% Viscose by Bamboo Sheet Set has been reviewed by over 40,000 customers on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5/5. The bamboo-based sheet set is available in 11 colors and 6 different size options, including the Twin-XL suitable for college dorms, making the sheet set suitable for virtually every family in America.

In addition to the best-selling Prime Day Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set, Bedsure also has a wide range of bamboo viscose products in its current offering that comprehensively covers all the needs of a sleeping and sweating customer. night.

Bedsure Embroidered Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

The Embroidered Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set features stylish and trendy ivory-colored foliage embroidery on the side that subtly highlights its stylish color choice and complements any bedroom it resides in. The 250 thread count 100% bamboo fiber viscose used in the Embroidered Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set is made with a durable twill weave, which makes the sheet set softer and more breathable, and more durable than traditional bamboo sheets.

In addition, Bedsure’s viscose from bamboo fabric is also innovatively integrated into the fabric of other products to take advantage of the benefits of bamboo, expanding breathability, moisture wicking and the additional thermoregulation function for a wider range of products.

Bedsure 50% Cotton 50% Viscose Bamboo Waffle Weave Blanket

Launched in 2020, the Bedsure 50% Cotton 50% Viscose Bamboo Waffle Weave Blanket adds extra breathability and moisture wicking to the classic Bedsure 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket. The added bamboo fiber increases the blanket’s ability to regulate temperature and wick away moisture while retaining the breathability and warmth elements of its cotton variant.

Bedsure Cooling Blanket with Bamboo Viscose

The Bedsure Cooling Blanket with Bamboo Viscose immediately crowned Amazon’s Choice status upon launch. Now featuring Arc-Chill cooling technology, the Bedsure Cooling Blanket with Bamboo Viscose features the Q-Max score of 0.4, doubling the industry standard with an instant cooling effect on contact.

On the back, the Bedsure Cooling Blanket features an innovative cooling fabric layer made of bamboo viscose and a cooling yarn blend, making this cooling blanket a double-sided summer companion. Additionally, bamboo viscose also brings extra breathability and moisture wicking ability to the summer blanket.

For the full range of Bedsure products, including those available in college-friendly Twin XL sizes, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/stores/BEDSURE/page/8D364C1E-A5B5-4A23-BED7-91D5BBCF3D8E.

About Bedsure From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, Bedsure aims to put you and your family at ease. Founded in 2016, Bedsure is a leading home textile manufacturer with products sold to over 18 million customers in the United States and Europe. Since its inception, Bedsure has maintained a compound growth rate of 100% for five consecutive years. While Bedsure has grown into a global company with diverse products to meet different customer needs, its focus on comfortable home products and everyday value remains the same.

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