Wife of Kottayam Pradeep, who is Maya Pradeep? dead or still alive?


It is his unique dialogue style that enables Kottayam Pradeep to effortlessly penetrate the hearts of Malaysian audiences. He was recognized for his amazing portrayal of Uncle Trisha in the hit Tamil film Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. The actor, who has worked on multiple projects, shares his memories of Home of the Heart. Memories Pradeep was born in the beautiful village of Kottayam called Thiruvathukal.

Her parents are Raghavan and Padma. Her father ran a small hotel in Thiruvathukal and her grandfather owned a textile shop. Pradeep remembers his happy childhood as he had the privilege of enjoying the warmth of family together.

The family lives in a small house with all the necessary amenities. Pradeep, the youngest of four siblings, happily said he was spoiled by his three sisters. He revealed his family jokingly blamed his unique way of talking about his childhood, when he was loved and spoiled by everyone. Theater father Pradeep owns a hotel near Radhakrishna Theater in Thiruvathukal.

The hotel is always full of people who come to the cinema to watch movies. He never had to buy a ticket to see a movie in this theater and often got a first seat at a matinee or a second show. “From Prem Nazir and Jayan to Mammootty and Mohanlal, many actors have done screen magic before me.

They are the ones who brought out my actors. I don’t have much acting experience other than a few supporting roles in a few plays. I think it’s really lucky that the movie got to me,” said Pradeep, who works at the LIC division office in Nagambadom.

He acts in films and is absent from work. Maya is his wife. Pradeep’s son Vishnu is a fashion designer and wants to be a director. His daughter Vrinda works at the municipal tax office. Kumaranalloor House “In my childhood, we used to go to Kumaranalloor temple for the famous Thrikarthika festival.

I fell in love with this place ever since. I bought a house in Kumaranalloor so that I could happily attend temple festivals. We lived for twenty years in a two-story house near the temple. It was my wife who took great care of the house. The house has recently been repainted in a pleasant blue and white hue. Since there are many trees in the front yard, the temperature in the house never rises.

This place has all the advantages of a charming village. In addition, the city is nearby. Every day at 4 a.m., we wake up to devotional songs played over the temple speakers. The atmosphere is filled with a unique divine presence. So, coming home from the hustle and bustle, I feel very happy and relaxed. The movie was mostly shot in Kochi. However, I have no intention of leaving this place richly blessed by Goddess Kumaranalur,” Kottayam Pradeep said goodbye.


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