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By Mohamed Ali Bandial

Posted: Mon Nov 1, 2021, 12:32 PM

Bringing the fabric heritage to life

The art of the hand loom is an age-old traditional technique and custom that has endured since time immemorial. A loom is a loom powered manually rather than by industrial means. Basically, all looms are frames that hold the warp threads, those that run vertically the length of the intended fabric, in tension. The warp threads are then interwoven with weft threads at right angles, thus forming a weave. In the Indian vocabulary of weaving, warp threads are sometimes called tana and weft threads are called bana.

Hand woven sarees are a traditional textile art from India. The production of hand-woven sarees is important for the economic development of rural India. Completion of a single sari can take anywhere from 15 days to a month and sometimes up to 6 months, depending on the complexity of its designs and patterns. Some of the well known Indian sarees are Kanchepuram silk sarees, Maheshwari sarees, Bagh Print sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Banarsi silk sarees, Baluchuri sarees, Sambhalpuri sarees, sarees in Kantha stitch, Bandhini sarees and Munga sarees. Hand woven sarees are made of good quality silks to give it a shiny appearance.

Handloom House has ensured that this heritage continues to flourish and become a part of everyday life. The flagship store started in 1983 at the same location as Al Humaidi & Co. The store was the first saree store in the UAE to cater to the Asian expat community. Subsequently, the brand became Handloom House in 1990 to address and promote the Indian loom industry, which was in decline due to the automation of the textile industry. Since then, the brand has struggled to stick to its mission of promoting hand-woven products, especially techniques that were obsolete. The brand strives to source directly from weavers and artisans across India, while offering a collection that will never fail to delight its loyal customers. Due to the loyalty of its customers, Handloom House has always attracted the attention of consumers by providing them with a wide range of ethnic weavings and fabrics for all festive and family occasions. In addition, the brand has remained true to its core competency of honest pricing policies which has helped establish a strong brand identity in the market. It aims to engage with its loyal customers, existing and new, with the aim of providing total customer satisfaction, by meeting their requirements for quality hand-woven products under one roof.

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