Utpal and his wife have planned big to celebrate their anniversary. It darkened in a day of mourning


The couple have planned a big party this year to celebrate the occasion, inviting their loved ones to their parents’ home in the district’s Duttapara Elangjani village, which sits on the edge of Chalan Beel, a large wetland, and is at least 30 km far from Sirajganj township.

Utpal’s plan to reunite his loved ones didn’t go exactly as planned as he succumbed to his injuries three days before the event after being attacked by one of his students with a cricket stump in the playground from school on June 25.

His relatives still reunited. Not to celebrate, but to say goodbye to the 37-year-old for the last time on July 1.

Beauty, who works as a government employee in Dhaka and came to Dattapara Elangjani for her husband’s last rites, has yet to grasp the reality that she was widowed so soon after marriage because a young 19-year-old went into a fit of rage. for being told he can’t do whatever he wants on school grounds.

She wore a white sari and the vermilion of her forehead was erased in accordance with Hindu traditions for widows. She had to remove the most precious sign of her marriage – a sacred thread known as the Mangalsutra and broke her conch bracelet.

The couple had no children.

“I was fasting and had promised to pray in the temple that day. He went to work after having breakfast. I then went to my brother’s house and was busy preparing for the prayer. My phone was off, so I only heard about my husband’s condition in the evening,” she said.

Utpal fell into a coma immediately after the assault and never came out of it.

“I couldn’t ask him one last time how I’m going to survive without him on my own,” an inconsolable Beauty said.

The couple married in 2019 and due to the pandemic, they weren’t able to start living together until eight months ago, Beauty said.

“I was living with my brother in Dhaka at the time, while my husband was residing in Ashulia. We only saw each other on weekends. Only eight months ago, we started living together in a place in Modhhya Paikpara of Mirpur,” she said.

Utpal was a loving and supportive husband, she said; he always shared any problems, personal or otherwise, with her.

“He relied on me a lot too. I never saw him have negative thoughts and he always supported and advised me in my efforts. I don’t know who to turn to for advice from now on.

Her relatives and neighbors shared the despair she felt.

Utpal, the youngest of eight siblings, was a political science student at Chattogram University and since graduating the only thing that mattered to him was helping his extended family lead a decent life. , said his brothers.

He helped his brothers Asim and Asit set up a tailoring workshop in Ashulia and found jobs for Ajay, the eldest brother, and fourth brother Ashutosh in two separate textile factories in Dhaka.

Ajay’s wife, Iti, had practically raised Utpal as her own son. Utpal always remembered that. He made sure his nephew Abhishek Sarker studied hard and it paid off as he is now a student at Utpal’s alma mater.

“I was like a son to my uncle. He has kept an eye on my education since I was just a kid. I’m studying math in college where he went just because of him,” Abhishek said.

Ashraful Islam Jitu, the 10th grade student accused of Utpal’s murder, was arrested last Wednesday by the Rapid Action Battalion at Sreepur in Gazipur. His father Ujjal Hossain was then in police custody.

[Writing in English by Adil Mahmood]


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