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October has finally arrived and not too soon. I don’t know about you, but I feel like the essence of fall has finally been summoned into reality (at least from where this editor is sitting here in New York). When it comes to fall rituals, now is a great time to start the weekend off with an outdoor expedition off the books. Whether that means choosing a new gravel bike for exploring the leafy roads or just locking up the perfect bag for a Saturday afternoon. picnic outside, Today in Gear is here to make sure you pack the best of the best, no matter what awaits you. Check out some new product releases the team is excited about below.

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Sharpen your most beloved blades with the Precision Adjustment Sharpener from Work Sharp.

Presented by Work Sharp

Building on the success of its Precision Adjust sharpener, Work Sharp created the Precision Adjust Elite knife sharpener. The Elite model includes seven separate abrasives mounted on new Tri-Brasive stone carts. Best of all, the entire kit comes with a custom carrying case, so you can sharpen no matter where you sit.


Turn Fjällräven’s signature bag into your own personalized piece with KÃ¥nken Me.

If you know Fjällräven, you know his iconic KÃ¥nken bag. The Swedish label is encouraging others to make KÃ¥nken their own signature with the launch of KÃ¥nken Me. With over 100 billion combinations – including 14 colors and 15 customizable pieces – there’s a good chance you’ll make a truly unique KÃ¥nken, defined according to your personal aesthetic specifications.


Go off-road with Trek’s new line of Checkpoint bikes.

With the announcement of three new gravel bikes, Trek’s Checkpoint Series is ready for any adventure this season. The latest version includes the race-ready Checkpoint SLR, adventurous Checkpoint SL and utility-focused Checkpoint ALR. Designed for both optimal storage and smooth, surface-independent speed, these bikes are the starting line for your next gravel expedition.


Gore-Tex innovates even more with the high performance ePE fabric.

Gore-Tex is already leading the charge on weatherproof performance gear. The brand is now innovating again via its ePE membrane. Basically, it “takes advantage of a high strength-to-weight ratio” that combines with the polyurethane to create a even more resistant and waterproof textile (with a reduced environmental footprint). You’ll find it soon in brands like adidas, Arc’teryx and Patagonia.


SNGLRTY makes a case for the single hand watch with the Blue Steel OHI-4.

It is not common to see a watch with a single hand; a timepiece that displays the hours and minutes with a single hand simultaneously. The SNGLRTY taps into this minimalist style with a unique counterclockwise spinning minute disc that spins opposite the watch hand. Call Derek Zoolander, this unique version of Blue Steel is sure to give the model’s signature look great value.


Ask an expert

A Equipment patrol the reader asks: “I see a lot of men’s gear, but where’s the women’s gear? We work, cycle and hike, where’s our gear?

The expert: “Thank you for submitting this question! First and foremost, Gear Patrol focuses on producing top journalism, and many of the products we cover are gender independent. That said, when it comes to clothing, we tend to focus on men’s products.

Most of the brands we highlight create similar, if not identical, pieces in men’s and women’s (or unisex) sizes. In outerwear and athletic wear, some of the genre’s most inclusive brands include Space Titans, like Patagonia and The North Face. But there are definitely some brands focused on ladies-only clothing that are worth highlighting here. We consulted with several members of our team and editors to highlight a few of their favorite brands.

Running / Sportswear

Alder clothing


Ten Speed ​​Hero
Machines for freedom

Work clothes

Dovetail work clothes

We know this is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully this is a head start on some truly top brands that span the spectrum of style and fitness! ”- Gregory Babcock, Associate Editor (with the help of the entire Gear Patrol team)

Want your question featured in our weekly “Ask an Expert” section? Well, that requires asking a question first. Send your most urgent product questions to [email protected] for a chance to be featured.

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