Turkey’s textile industry increased its exports by 41 percent



According to the export report released by the Istanbul Textile and Raw Material Exporters Association (THÄ°B), the Turkish textile industry achieved an export of 8.2 billion dollars during the period January-August 2021, increasing by 41% compared to 2020 and by 24% compared to 2019. In August, the sector Exported $ 1 billion with a 36 percent increase over the same period a year earlier, reaching the highest all-time export figure in August.

Ä°THÄ°B President Ahmet ksüz said that as a sector they continue to break new records every month; “By the end of the year, we expect we will meet our export target of $ 12 billion by breaking the Republic’s all-time record. With the ready-to-wear industry, we are aiming for a foreign trade surplus of $ 18.6 billion at the end of the year ”. Öksüz said they will continue to work as a sector in order to maintain their upward momentum in exports.

“We export to around 190 countries”

Ahmet Öksüz noted that this year, the textile industry has broken a new export record almost every month by positively separating itself from the targets of the pandemic; “Our exports increased in 83% of our export markets during the 8 months of the year. We export to around 190 countries. During the January-August period, the countries to which we exported the most were Italy with an increase of 56%, Germany with an increase of 20% and the United States with an increase of 51%, respectively. As an industry, we have achieved exports worth $ 11.8 billion in the past 12 months ”.

Öksüz revealed that they have taken a step forward in global textile exports and moved up to fifth place in 2020, and that the market share of Turkey, which is the EU’s second largest supplier, continues to increase in the countries of the European Union. Explaining that they get a 17.5% share of EU imports as a Turkish textile industry, ksüz said they recorded significant increases of up to 60% across all country groups, especially in the American countries, the other European countries and the countries of the former Eastern bloc. , besides the EU.

Turkey’s textile industry increased its exports by 41 percent

The most exported product was yarn with an increase of 87 percent

When the exports of Turkey’s textile and raw materials sector are analyzed on the basis of product groups over the period January-August 2021, the yarn product group took the first place with an increase of 87%. Yarn exports increased 81.3% in August. During the same period, technical textiles, the second most exported product group, fell 10.2%, while exports amounted to $ 1.6 billion. In August, exports of technical textiles fell 21.6% to $ 179 million. Home textiles exports, which took third place, increased 36.6% over the January-August period and amounted to $ 1.5 billion. The home textiles product group rose 25.8% in August to reach a value of $ 200 million.

The United States is the focal point of Turkish textile sector exports

The United States, which is the world’s largest textile importer with $ 43 billion in imports, is one of the most important target markets for the Turkish textile industry and is at the center of exports. Organized by Ä°THÄ°B with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly in early 2020, the “I Of The World New York”, which is the only sectoral exhibition of export products among the associations of exporters , is very important in terms of the sector’s sustainable export objectives to the United States.

Despite the global pandemic, with the support of fair and promotion activities, 2020 exports to the United States increased by 8% and amounted to $ 628 million, reaching the highest export data of all the time. In 2020, Turkey surged in textile imports from the United States and moved to eighth place, while in the first 8 months of 2021, the textile sector‘s exports to the United States increased by 51% and reached $ 547 million. Ä°THÄ°B has announced its intention to exceed its annual exports to the United States in the first 9 months of 2021.



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