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As the world begins to get vaccinated, IRL sea excursions are back to normal. And, the designer-owned Home & Lifestyle stores are the ones we wanted to visit because let’s be honest, browsing these categories online is not that easy. Whatever your preferences – spaces of peace and love, nature and plants, or just minimalist versatile furniture, today’s Scoop is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual.

So, ahead, we’ve put the spotlight on the top seven Home & Lifestyle stores that will appeal to you in terms of the products as well as the design and layout of the stores themselves. Some of these stores are new, others have been around for a long time. But, beauty novelty is assured with these unmissable places. If you want, you can also lie back on your sofas and browse endlessly their mouthwatering products online. So let’s get started!


Browse the JCPenny home store for the latest, quality bedding and home decor at very affordable prices. Upgrade your home with modern, rustic or casual interior design and discover great deals on brands loved by millions of users. Visit a JCPenny near you or shop online to take advantage of free shipping. Plus, you can now refresh your home with the JCPenny Clearance Sale and enjoy a 90% bargain. Frantic? Well go ahead, shop your heart out.

West Coast, Los Angeles

When in LA, the West Coast is a must visit! The entire store is organized from an interior designer frame of reference and it’s one of the most popular resources among decorators, all thanks to the talented duo: Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe. The store features trendy furniture, home furnishings and vintage jewelry which is also available online at Currently, you can get up to 35% off select items on the west coast.

Block Shop, Los Angeles

Block Shop is a textile brand and design studio that has its own sales area so you can immerse yourself in a radiant world inspired by the Bauhaus. Here shoppers can explore a variety of vibrant textiles, Indian block-printed cushions, rugs, and a plethora of other home furnishings. Block Shop also features its co-founding sisters, Hopie and Lily Stockman’s favorite custom furniture brands that will also catch your eyes! Use the code WELCOME BACK online on the Block Shop checkout page to get 15% off your orders.

March, San Francisco

Discerning shoppers and those looking for something special have long been a fondness for the month of March. This attractive store is located in San Francisco. You can expect everything from beautifully hand-painted Brickett Davda trays to Vincent van Duysen storage jars, sculptural basketry and more to layer any corner of your home in style. Their pieces speak for themselves! You can also browse their frenzied collections at

Housewright Gallery, Seattle

Co-founders Pfeiffer and Steve Hoedemaker share with us their years of experience and knowledge in interior design and architecture through Housewright Gallery in Seattle. This means that you can pick up eclectic and sophisticated pieces from renowned sources around the world without hiring a professional and spending profusely. The recent acquisitions of Housewright Gallery are also quite interesting. It features works by lesser-known Northwest painters, antique wooden lamps, handcrafted ceramics, and updated furniture. According to Brian Paquette, Housewright has everything you need and expect from a home store. This Georgetown store demands continual thought and care so customers catch a plethora of amazing home sweet home finds. To learn more, visit

Region, New York City

The neighborhood recently opened in Greenwich Village in the iconic pre-war building. It features trendy bedding and home furnishings as well as the famous Eli linen bedding collection, known for its line of woven baskets and quality soft, antique products. You can also scroll down to if you can’t visit the store. Now enjoy up to 25% off storewide.

Il Buco Vita, New York

Il Buco Vita, beloved by the Il Buco family of restaurants and shops, has been relocated a few blocks east of New York City. This expanded version of the store offers a variety of rustic style, home craft and lifestyle products. Additionally, the retailer recently worked with Weaver in Italy to roll out a brand new private linen brand that you can spot in New York very soon. See all the details on


Whether you love a laid-back retreat, prefer modern flair, or want to opt for timeless, serene and inviting decor, you are now sorted. Visit any of the stores mentioned above to check out the best home decor and lifestyle items in the United States. Makeover your home to live luxuriously. Until next time, stay tuned, stay stylish!


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