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Have you visited Taylors Mill in Taylors, SC? The old mill is slowly becoming a self-contained entertainment destination in the upstate. If you haven’t been to this converted factory in Taylors yet, there are so many reasons to go. Mélanie from Kidding Around will take you for a ride! Here are the restaurants and entertainment venues available at Taylor’s Mill.

The whole mill is a unique place and we are fortunate to be located there and to be part of the community.

Christy Marut | Co-owner of The Farehouse

Taylor mill

The Story of Southern Bleachery & Print Works

From 1924 to 1965, the South bleaching mill bought unfinished textiles from surrounding factories, then bleached, dyed and created finished products.

In 2012, Southern Bleachery & Print Works was added to the National Register of Historic Places. When the mill closed in 1965, it remained mostly vacant until 2015. Then Due South Coffee and artist studios breathed into the quiet life that had existed for so long on this dead end street of Taylors, SC. Since 2015, the use of the mill has expanded to include places to dine, play, exercise, party and more!

Dining at Taylors Mill in Taylors, SC

13 stripes

13 Stripes Brewery

Beer connoisseurs and families can both hang out at the 13 Stripes Brewery. With their many events, including craft classes, quiz nights and more, you can regularly find a reason to meet up there. Order from the menu at The Farehouse, or sample dishes at pop-ups hosted by local food vendors like White Wine & Butter.

Cafe Junto

Cafe Junto

Maria from Kidding Around is a huge coffee fan and was terribly excited to find that a cafe had moved in after Due South moved west.

“Junto Coffee is located in an incredible space. Its huge windows let in an abundance of light reflecting off the lightly painted walls and ceiling, creating a very warm feeling. Some windows look original and really add to the charm of the space. And let’s talk about plants. I like green things that grow. Each window is decorated with a hanging plant, and there are large, mature potted plants in the comfortable seating. There is a plethora of lounge-style furniture as well as more traditional benches and chairs and tables spread throughout the large space. There is also a grassy outdoor area with tables which would be a perfect place for moms with a few small children to meet.
Read Maria’s review of Junto Coffee in its entirety on Kidding Around Greenville.

Food at the Farehouse

The farewell

It’s no secret that some of us here at Kidding Around describe ourselves as pizza snobs. We have specific criteria, and we certainly each have our favorites. The Farehouse is now on my must-see pizza list, and I’m crazy I didn’t get there sooner. The pizza, paired with gargantuan-sized chicken wigs, topped potato wedges, and long cocktail list, make this a meal that will make stops at this hidden gem a regular occurrence for your family.

Learn more about The Farehouse on Kidding Around Greenville

Entertainment at Taylors Mill in Taylors, SC

The Blue Ox

Blue Beef Ax House

There are people trained in Blue Ox to teach you how to throw the hatchet, and there are leather couches to sit on and watch your teen learn a new skill! Children as young as thirteen can throw and for younger siblings there is a Nerf target throwing area.

$ 20 / hour / person; 4-6 people per route

The Mad Smash Rage Room

Overwrite rate: $ 15 + if you bring your own things to break / $ 20 + if you need things to break

The miniature station

Does your little one love trains? A great addition to Greenville’s list of indoor children’s spaces is the Taylors Mill Model Train Station. Our Kidding Around writer Anna Artz was fortunate enough to have a one-on-one visit with Chief Engineer aka Model Train Station President Bob Rayle.
You can read Anna’s interview with Bob and find out more about The Model Train Station on Kidding Around.

Pinky’s Revenge Arcade

Latest Addition to Taylors Mill Has Upstate Thrilled About “Old School Square Pizza”
Were you a kid of the 80s? Did you wear jelly shoes, listen to Thriller on your Sony player, and eat a rectangular shaped pizza every Friday at school? If you said yes then hold on to your banana clip – because Pinky’s Revenge is like something out of a dream!
If you have no idea what most of the things we’ve mentioned are, that’s okay. Mélanie from Kidding Around is going to tell you everything you need to know to understand why you should be excited!
Read all about Greenville’s new arcade – Pinky’s Revenge, On Kidding Around

Shopping at Taylors Mill

shopping at Taylors Mill

The Indigo tribe

A favorite in local farmer’s markets, The Indigo Tribe creates textile items with a unique dye / ice method. Her home and wearable items are the kinds of things you buy as gifts and end up keeping to yourself. Buy duplicates, then keep one for yourself. To pursue The Indigo tribe on social networks, or hit her on Etsy.

Events at Southern Bleachery in Taylors, SC

Before the pandemic, there were regular weekly events at the mill. They have not yet resumed, but follow the Taylors Mill Social Media expects to be one of the first to know when markets and arts events pick up.


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