The Best Coastal Grandma’s Home Decor on Amazon 2022

The most recent aesthetic trend spawned by the TikTok monster is known as Coastal Grandma. A nod to the leading ladies of Nancy Meyers films — notably Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep — this move focuses on a style that can best be described as casually rich. While the white cotton turtlenecks, loose button-up shirts, lightweight linen trousers and sumptuous cashmere scarves worn by brave women with money are all compelling on their own, there is another element to the coastal granny aesthetic that deserves recognition: the decor. Because, after all, what’s a Nancy Meyers escape movie without a house that looks airy and relaxed but has truly been decorated within an inch of its life.

If you haven’t yet spent an evening gazing at the sprawling properties featured in summer blockbusters such as something must give or It is complicatedso let me paint a picture of the interiors: it’s an airy Hampton mansion by the sea or a California country castle. The color palette is all creams and blues, the textures are wicker and wood. The entry tables are dotted with hurricane glasses filled with seashells and Italian vases housing willow branches. A French-style market bag sits on the counter, overflowing with farm-fresh vegetables. Casual linen napkins are laid out on the table and a striped rug covers the kitchen floor. It’s unquestionably rich – but in the warmest way.

While we may never possess the finances of a Nancy Meyers main character capable of owning such a lavish residence, we can still mimic the essential vibes of one even without a small car-sized kitchen island. . After rewatching the aforementioned movies and studying their hallowed interiors, I spent the rest of my weekend chasing all the Amazon sets under $100 that would achieve Coastal’s elusive and effortless aesthetic. grandma. Read on to shop my collection of cable knit throws, farmer’s market bags and scallop lamp shades that will have your studio apartment visitors staying for the weekend – which may or may not include walking tours, flower arrangements, romantic old times from the movies, croque monsieurs for dinner and freshly baked blueberry muffins at sunrise.


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