The 6 Green Brands From The Nepalese Fashion Industry Are Best For You


Reportedly, the fast fashion industry is responsible for generating 10 percent of total global carbon emissions. Making the impacts even harsher, more than 1.5 trillion liters of water are estimated to be used by the fashion industry each year.

Over 100 billion units of clothing are manufactured worldwide each year. In the fashion world, where trends change every day, sooner or later many clothes end up in landfills, adding to textile waste.

Given all of these impacts, sustainable fashion, also often referred to as slow fashion, is thriving globally. It is also slowly and steadily gaining attention in Nepal. No doubt, sustainable fashion is all the rage now; the same goes for the sustainable fashion industry in Nepal. Many sustainable fashion brands are making their way into the industry and the fashion arena in Nepal.

And, here we bring the list of some of those clothing brands that have embraced the concept of sustainable fashion in Nepal:

1. HattiHatti Nepal

HattiHatti products. Photo: HattiHatti Nepal

HattiHatti Nepal is a clothing brand registered as a social enterprise that recycles old, unused and vintage sarees into beautiful everyday products such as kimonos, ties, scrunchies, cushions and many more. In the process, it also educates and trains women from marginalized communities and makes them socially and economically independent.

Launched in 2014, this aims to provide the best working facilities for their tailors and promote sustainability through their products.

2. Kashyapi Nepal

Kashyapi’s T-shirts. Photo: Kashyapi Nepal

Kashyapi Nepal is another slow fashion brand launched in 2019 which has adopted the principle of sustainability and environmental friendliness. It offers outfits that are fashionable but sustainably designed and ethically made.

Following the concept of slow fashion, Kashyapi Nepal claims to produce outfits in less quantity while being more concerned with the quality and longevity of the clothes. Its products have timeless, timeless features that never go out of style.

3. Vama

Photo: Vama screenshot / Instagram page

Vama is one of the latest clothing brands in the Nepalese fashion industry which works on the concept of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Vama uses sustainable fabrics such as pure cotton, khadi, cotton linen to make her outfits. Like Kashyapi Nepal, Vama is also launching its collections in small batches, given the amount of waste generated during production.

Additionally, Vama says it pays fair wages to its artisans and upholds the principle of sustainability in every process of making, designing and promoting their creations.

4. Kasa Fashion Wears

Photo: Kasa screenshot / Instagram page

Kasa Fashion Wears is another brand of women’s clothing that also respects the concept of sustainable fashion. Kasa uses “non-violent” silk and pashmina fabrics (100% biodegradable) to make her outfits.

Kasa Fashion Wears also held a sustainable fashion show Mt Everest Fashion Runway in Kala Patthar in the Khumbu region on January 25, 2021 to promote Kasa as a sustainable and biodegradable fashion brand globally.

5. Bora Studio

Photo: Screengrab / Bora Studio Nepal website

Another sustainable clothing brand among those in the Nepalese fashion industry is Bora Studio, which uses natural fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, nettle to make their outfits. Not only that, it uses natural ways to tan clothes such as steaming or boiling with multiple leaves, avocado skins, eucalyptus, kernels and many more.

6. Dinadi

Photo: screenshot from Dinadi’s website

Founded in 2016, Dinadi is a sustainable brand that produces timeless knits made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. It also provides equitable employment opportunities for Nepalese women and pays them fairly. It embraces the concept of zero waste, which makes it another sustainable fashion brand in the Nepalese fashion industry to look forward to.

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