Textile store owner Rincy Nasser hacked to death by ex-employee Riyaz


Riyaz, 25, hacked Rincy, 30, to death in Kerala as she returned home with her two children. The deceased, a Kodungallur from Thrissur, was the neighbor of Riyaz who murdered her.

Rincy was seriously injured and three of her fingers were severed in the attack. In addition, she suffered a deep cut on her face. The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. Thursday as Rincy was walking home with her children from her textile store. Riyaz, who was waiting in a secluded spot on the road, stopped the scooter and hacked Rincy.

Fortunately, the children traveling with Rincy escaped unscathed, but Rincy was not so lucky. People who heard her screams took her to the hospital, but that was not enough to save her life.

An ugly termination

According to reports, Rinsey ran a clothing store called Nirakuttu in Thrissur, and Riyaz used to work there before. Some time ago, Riyaz was reportedly kicked out of the textile shop after he started interfering in his family affairs. He had also attacked Rincy earlier and the police gave him a warning. After he was fired, he used to go to the store and threaten her. Rincy had filed a complaint against Riyaz at the Kodungallur police station, but that did not stop the attack.

Riyaz used to harass Rincy regularly, asking for the job, but she didn’t agree. According to the police, he killed her for that reason alone.

Riyaz waited for Rincy at a place she commutes to every day and attacked her, police said. Fortunately, he left the children alone, even though Rincy died on the way to the hospital. Her three fingers were amputated and there were about 30 cuts on her body.

Rincy had suffered serious injuries which she was unable to overcome, while the accused is on the run after the incident.


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