Textile company Pollensa nominated for the Spanish national award


Teixits Vicens is one of three finalists for this year’s National Craft Awards, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Vicens is not only one of the The most famous companies of Pollensa, it serves as a landmark, being located right next to the Can Berenguer roundabout at the entrance to Pollensa. Everyone knows Vicens and almost everyone – I guess – will have bought something from Vicens at some point. In addition to the fabulous range of fabrics, there are bags, shoes, towels and more. Shop and workshop, there are guided tours that have also made Vicens part of the tourist fabric – so to speak.

Dating back to 1854, it is renowned for being one of the few textile producers to use the ikat dyeing technique. Introduced into the family business by Martí Vicens, his color experiments have come to characterize the products. The technique gave rise to the “roba de llengües” (tissue of tongues), which refers to tissue rather than technique.

Ikat is an Indonesian word. It was popularized in Europe as a result of Dutch research into textile traditions in the ancient East Indies. The main feature of the technique is a fuzzy pattern which is apparently due to alignment difficulties. yarn dyed during the weaving process. Thinner threads and greater skill have reduced this fuzziness, but it is of course still essential to products.

The commonly held view is that ikat in Mallorca originated on the ancient Silk Road, but it seems that it did not take root on the island until the early 19th century. It has been used elsewhere in Europe, but it is believed to be now unique in Mallorca and to be almost unique to Vicens, given the very small number of textile producers who deploy the technique.

Prizes must be given in December.


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