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Taiwan’s textile industry plays an important role in the Tokyo Games

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TAIPEI, 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Tokyo 2020 Games have been postponed until August 2021 due to the impact of the epidemic, and has just closed the August 8. Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) performed exceptionally at the Tokyo Games in 2020 and won the most medals in the history of from Taiwan participation in the Games. The gathering of athletes from all over the world has again sparked the Olympic boom, and from Taiwan the textile industry also participated in the Games behind the scenes. from Taiwan functional fabrics represent 70% of the global market, and from Taiwan the textile industry supports internationally renowned brands. Major sports brands sponsor the Games and many national teams whose clothing is made from durable and functional fabrics in Taiwan.

Taiwanese textiles Sustainable innovation for better world to live in

Don’t just “think Taiwan for textiles,” go for it. Taiwan is the world leader in environmentally friendly textile innovation, sustainability and continuous quality improvement. Best-in-class polymer development led by many large vertical companies Taiwan ahead of the curve. The world’s biggest brands are coming Taiwan first by researching the latest and greatest innovation including The North Face in outerwear, Under Armor in sportswear, Jack Wolfskin Europe and the world’s best and fastest growing yoga wear producers, such as Lululemon. If you are looking for variety in bluesign making, Taiwan has the best and most available in the world.

The innovation of sportswear

The Tokyo The games ended after overcoming the difficulties of the global pandemic and showing the passion and honor of the athlete to the world. Stylish athletes and fashion designers also make the Games more glamorous and fashionable. Beyond style, innovative functional textiles remain an indispensable part of sportswear. Taiwan run by the best knitting and weaving facilities and is the leading supplier of fabrics for sportswear. Functional fabrics offer great elasticity with a perfect fit to the body shape, super light properties, breathability, moisture wicking, antibacterial and odor management to provide maximum comfort and improve performances. Taiwan rose to the challenge and is the most trusted supplier of internationally renowned sports brands like Asics, On Running.

Shinkong textile sponsored the official Chinese Taipei team uniform and sportswear co-sponsored by VICTOR and Men-Chuen Fiber Industry, which is made from local recycled fibers and dyed with environmentally friendly pigments, while focusing on functionality involving comfort and breathing. The most of Taiwan fabric manufacturers have a collection of recycled polyester products in several woven and knit categories. Many are even hard to find recycled nylon. The mandate in this sense emanates from its teams of dedicated textile engineers led both internally and by their core of cutting-edge customers. Companies like Patagonia, which are dedicated to improving our environment, are making Taiwan a primary source for textiles and development initiatives. The dedication to constant improvement has forged relationships that now last for many years. If comfortable clothes, yoga clothes, outdoor wear, or just great workout clothes are your thing, from Taiwan suppliers are essential suppliers.

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