Stone Island reissues its best techwear styles for its 40th anniversary


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” could well be the motto of Stone Island, which has just unveiled its spring / summer 2022 collection.

Fans of the Italian fashion label will be delighted to know that its flagship silhouettes are still intact; Clean sweatshirts, t-shirts, windbreakers, hoodies and jackets form the bulk of the new collection, as they have been doing for several seasons now.

Additionally, to mark its 40th anniversary next year, and perhaps to capitalize on the longevity of its garments, Stone Island has added a number of pieces from its archives to create the “82/22” capsule collection. These must-haves encompass everything from outerwear to casual shirts and cotton jersey shorts.

Instead of bringing these fan favorites back in their original form, Stone Island has given them new life with new fabrics. An example: Piattina 82/22, a shiny and transparent canvas specially designed from polyester and nylon fibers.

Textile innovation is at the heart of Stone Island, so it’s no surprise that there are many technical materials to be found throughout the collection. Another highlight can be seen in the brand’s relaunched Marina line, which consists of navy camouflage pieces with a star pattern embroidered in red. New parts are made from 3L GORE-TEX, a performance fabric made from recycled polyester that is durable and windproof and raincoat.

There’s also the visually stunning Heat Reactive Lamy material, which is sensitive to temperature and color changes from yellow to orange, or light blue to bluish.

Stone Island, an expert in technical fabrics

All of these unique fabrications are the result of four decades of research into textile techniques, made possible by Stone Island’s own fabric lab at its base in Ravarino, Italy. There, the brand experiments with finishes, treatments and dyes for fabrics (it offers more than 60,000 different recipes), some of which result in entirely new materials and production techniques.

It should be noted that the founder of the brand, Massimo Osti, started with nothing more than seven jackets made in Tela Stella. Now Stone Island’s signature, the windproof fabric offers extreme durability and functionality, in addition to showing off different colors on either side.

It is this heritage that Stone Island celebrates with its S / S 2022 collection, while distinguishing itself from its sister outerwear company, Moncler. The brand dresses the modern man for any occasion or climate, while keeping their wardrobe relatively simple and versatile. We can easily see him browsing the pieces in the collection over the next 12 months – and maybe even more.

Finally, you don’t get colors quite like in a Stone Island collection. The brand’s new pieces come in a rainbow, including vibrant hues like hot pink and lime green. It’s worth a closer look, so consider our selection below. Be sure to keep an eye out for new styles from the brand’s Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore when they finally launch next year.

All photos are courtesy of Stone island.


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