Soft, thick blanket with handmade fabric creates a homey feel (Source: Bedsure)


2021 Bohemian Style Collection Series

Bedsure’s 2021 collection series is all about style and comfort, with unique features, fabrics, designs and colors. This year’s Bedsure series is themed A style that suits you. Bedsure describes it as a “style you can really make your own,” whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, backyard, or at a friend’s house.

All of the 2021 Collection series products are designed around the popular Boho (bohemian) decor and interior design style, which is characterized by design, materials and color mix and match, vintage designs and different and attractive textures.

These 2021 Collection series products are intended to be used both as decorative elements – such as in a living room or guest bedroom, and as cozy and warm bedding for fall and winter.

The Bedsure 2021 Collection series products include a tufted comforter set, a striped bed in a bag, a boho duvet cover set with slub fabric, and a heavy knit blanket. All of these products have been designed with the Boho design aesthetic in mind and with the intention of making home life as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Heavy knit blanket

Bedsure Chunky Knit Blanket has several unique features related to its design, production and features.

Alternative to soft wool

Bedsure’s Chunky Knit blanket has been expertly crafted with a heavyweight 100% acrylic. This provides a soft, non-scratching wool alternative with a similar amount of warmth. In addition, the fabric is strong and does not pilling.

Distinct colors

Bedsure’s Chunky Knit blanket has contrasting and inviting colors. A lighter shade for the main coverage is complemented by a darker shade on the edge. Reflecting the comfort and style of home, but with modern technology and design, this Bedsure blanket is available in light / dark blue, ivory and burgundy pink.

Herringbone pattern

A braided chevron pattern interior provides a pleasant pattern, while the handmade border has been crocheted and features a window border pattern. The interior pattern creates a pleasant rhythmic pattern while the window border “holds together” the patterns.

Semi-handmade construction with a personal touch

Unlike many blankets, Bedsure’s Chunky Knit blanket features a hand-made crochet border. The interior fabric has been professionally crafted, while the edging has been carefully crafted and hand crocheted. The thick, crocheted yarn is interwoven for strength and style. These details give it a unique personal touch.

Breathable and warm

Another unique feature of the Bedsure Chunky Knit blanket is its weave. A lightly braided interior with a solid 365 degree double weave edge allows air to circulate. Thick threads and weight create warmth. At the same time, the loose weave makes it a breathable and comfortable blanket.

Easy cleaning

Unlike some blankets, the Bedsure Chunky Knit blanket is machine washable, making it convenient to clean. It just needs to be placed in a mesh laundry bag and washed in cold water to help prolong its quality. It can be air dried or dried at low temperature.

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