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Sodium Hydrosulfite Market

Precision Business Insights Published Research Report on ‘Global Sodium Hydrosulfite Market: By Process (Zinc Process, Sodium Formate Process, Others), By Formulation (Powder, Liquid), By Application (Textiles, wood pulp bleaching, mineral flotation, food and drink, Cosmetics and personal care, Others) and Geography – Global / regional / country forecasts to 2027 »

The global sodium hydrosulfite market was valued at US $ 1.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to register US $ 1.98 billion through 2027, with a CAGR of 2.2% over the forecast period 2021 -2027.

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Growing demand for sodium hydrosulfite from different industries boosts global sodium hydrosulfite market
Sodium hydrosulfite is available as a white crystalline powder with a faint sulfur odor. It acts as a reducing agent in different fabrics like cotton, nylon and wool and others. It is also used as a bleaching agent. In addition, sodium hydrosulfite greatly helps in bleaching fabrics. There is an increasing demand from the wood pulp industry for sodium hydrosulfite as it thins wood pulp. There are several factors that cause the global Sodium Hydrosulfite market to witness huge revenue share during the forecast period owing to such factors as numerous applications of Sodium Hydrosulfite, technological developments in the manufacture of Sodium Hydrosulfite. ‘sodium hydrosulfite and raw materials supplied by several key players for the manufacture of sodium hydrosulfite. Huge demand for sodium hydrosulfite from various industries such as pulp, beverages, cosmetics, food, paper and textile is a driving factor of the market during the forecast period . On the other hand, the decline in the pulp and paper market and the availability of substitute products are expected to hamper the growth of the sodium hydrosulfite market in the coming years.

Regional Analysis: Global Sodium Hydrosulfite Market
The global sodium hydrosulfite market is categorized into various regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Africa, and Middle East. The Asia-Pacific Sodium Hydrosulfite market registered the highest share in 2018 among all other regions due to the growth of the paper industry in the region, the growing number of manufacturing industries in the region. ‘sodium hydrosulfite in South Korea, China and APAC countries and the huge demand for textiles from the growing urban population. . The European Sodium Hydrosulfite market offers several profitable opportunities for major players over the forecast years due to technological advancements in manufacturing process, growth in disposable income and growing number of end user industries. In the region. All of these factors go a long way in boosting the market revenue in Europe in the years to come.

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Competitive assessment
There are several players operating in the global sodium hydrosulfite market: BASF SE, Montgomery Chemicals, Guangdong ZhongCheng Chemicals Inc. Ltd, AZ Chemicals Inc., Bruggemann Chemical, TCP Limited, Chemtrade Logistics Inc., Royce International Corp., Mitsubisi Gas Chemical Company Inc., Jinhe Group, Finetech Industry Limited, Transpek-Silox, Hubei Yihua Group, Jiacheng Chemical, Shuangqiao Chemical and Jingrui Chemical. The major market players are highly focused on following a few effective strategies such as acquisitions, mergers and bringing new products to market to maintain their position in the market.

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