Shopkeepers explore night shopping festival to offset pandemic crisis



As a quick fix to overcome the huge loss they suffered in the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, small neighborhood merchants are trying to take advantage of night shopping festivals with attractive discounts and discounts. Promotional offers. Support from various government departments and customer interest in enjoying nighttime shopping prompted merchants to experiment with the new option.

Officials from various merchant organizations say the success of the night shopping festival on SM Street has prompted many local merchants to think of the same in their own villages or within their municipality boundaries. Committees have already been formed in different areas to coordinate the party in an attractive way with various cultural programs and gastronomic festivals.

From now on, traders are allowed to keep their stores open until midnight during night shopping festivals. Although the priority is mainly to host seasonal fairs, the organizing committees have the freedom to choose the period of the festival taking into account the attendance of buyers and market trends. In addition to simply keeping the stores open, several attractive elements to spice up the shopping moment are being studied by the organizers.

“As weekend sales can ensure better returns, many merchants want to participate in the weekend night shopping festival. The SM Street model is apparently adoptable for many to start with,” said a Kerala leader Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi (KVVES) from Kozhikode. He said details of regional units planning to host the night shopping festival in areas like Koduvally, Feroke, Mukkom and Thamarassery would be announced soon.

Leaders of Kunnamangalam’s KVVES said they launched a 10-day night shopping festival on Friday to explore sales opportunities. According to them, one of the main attractions of the festival would be a decongested atmosphere without many vehicles. They said there would be enough parking space for customers to enjoy peaceful shopping with attractive offers. A logo was also released to promote the event.

“In many foreign countries, night shopping is a culture and an attraction. In Kerala, traders and customers have yet to explore its possibilities. For traders on SM Street, the shopping festival has been a great relief to overcome the pandemic-induced crisis,” said V. Mohammed, a salesperson at a street textile store. He said better entertainment and dining options would double the charm of these late-night shopping festivals in the neighborhood.


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