Segura becomes military chic with the Lady Kara textile jacket for women


There is some pretty trendy motorcycle gear on the market these days, but Segura takes the style to another level. Favoring vintage design, modern materials and timeless silhouettes, the French brand masterfully balances form and function. The Lady Kara textile jacket for women by Segura is no different, with a blend of protection, comfort and style that appeals to a wide range of riders.

Featuring Serica fabric, the outer shell not only offers abrasion resistance, but maintains a glossy finish. The inner membrane is waterproof and breathable and a 90g thermo-aluminum lining keeps the rider in the saddle during the fall and winter months. A fixed mesh lining is suitable for warmer temperatures. Ventilation zippers circulate air throughout the jacket.

Elbow pads mitigate impact and the adjustable shoulder armor ensures the perfect fit and protection. The Lady Kara also comes with a back protector pocket, but customers will need to purchase back armor separately. CE level 1 pads and abrasion resistant material give a Class A safety rating.

Comfort is not lost on Segura either, with the Lady Kara featuring zipped cuffs and tightening buckles at the hips. Two exterior pockets and two interior pockets provide enough storage for short trips without detracting from the beautiful design of the jacket.

Inspired by an officer’s jacket, the Lady Kara features faux buttonholes on the chest, epaulettes on the shoulders and buttoned straps on the cuffs. Of course, most of the design elements are ornamental, and a front zipper saves users the hassle of breast buttons between outings. Despite the ornate design, Segura balances the Lady Kara with an understated all-black color scheme.

Priced at € 269.99 (≈ $ 315 USD), the Lady Kara jacket is only available in black, but Segura offers sizes T0 through T6. Motorcycle gear may be all the rage these days, but Segura is keeping one step ahead by looking back.


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