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Sapphire Textile Mills, a vertically integrated textile mill based in Pakistan, has partnered with Good Earth Cotton, billed as the world’s first carbon positive and traceable cotton, to introduce a collection of interior yarns and fabrics.

The partnership responds to increasing pressure on the global textile industry to back up claims of sustainability, reduce environmental impact and take full responsibility for fiber choices. Good Earth Cotton sequesters more carbon than it emits throughout its growth life cycle. Driven by innovation, primary impact data and best practices, Good Earth Cotton paves the way for growing cotton globally to be carbon positive, traceable and low impact.

The collection consists of several greige, dyed and blended yarns, as well as greige and processed fabrics suitable for bed linen, home decor, garden and kitchen textiles.

“Innovation and development is a driving philosophy at Sapphire Textile Mills,” said Nabeel Abdullah, Director of Sapphire Textile Mills Limited. “Partnering with Good Earth Cotton is an essential step for us, as suppliers of sustainable products, to provide our customers with accurate and timely information backed by science and transparency. It is our responsibility to take care of the planet we already have. Awareness, transparency and the pursuit of zero carbon impact are paramount for this trip and we intend to close the gap. “

Sapphire Textiles and Good Earth Cotton yarn is traceable through FibreTrace, a traceability solution that combines physical and digital traceability for the global textile and fashion supply chain. By harnessing FibreTrace technology, textile brands can share the carbon positive story of their cotton products with the end consumer, communicating its environmental benefits.

Good harvest of cotton land

Sapphire’s Good Earth Cotton yarn and interior collection will be available in Q1 2022. Sapphire will also work with FibreTrace to initiate traceability of several other natural, man-made and man-made fibers in Q1 2022, including organic cotton, cotton BCI and recycled polyester, with the potential for more to follow.

Sapphire Textile Mills offers a fabric processing capacity of 4 million meters per month, as well as production of approximately 8 million meters of raw fabric and 4,000 tonnes of yarn per month.

Good Earth Cotton is grown by farmers driven by the need to reduce the environmental footprint of raw fiber through precision farming that ensures minimal to zero tillage and soil disturbance. Crop rotation, organic waste amendment and cover crops increase soil biodiversity and health, reducing the environmental impact of cotton growing.

The heart of FiberTrace technology is a patented luminescent pigment that is embedded in raw fibers and is traced, verified and audited in real time at every step of the global textile supply chain. This is achieved through a proprietary portable Bluetooth scanner that identifies and quantifies pigments in fibers, yarns, fabrics and finished products that sends encrypted data into a secure blockchain and software specifically designed and engineered for the supply chain. textiles and clothing.


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