Samut Prakan company marks milestone in virus


TSK Factory staff members join the Covid-19 workshop hosted by Zero Covid Thailand and its partner.

A small factory in the Pak Nam district in Samut Prakan managed to go through 100 days without a single Covid-19 infection despite being in the dark red zone.

It is rolling out strict Covid-19 measures, including weekly rapid antigen testing, an improved ventilation system, strict mask wearing and social distancing. In June, Chaiyuth Tangsurakit, 35, a partner and project developer at TSK Holding Company in Pak Nam, Samut Prakan, worried about the future of his factory when 14 employees, half the total, contracted coronavirus and two were seriously ill.

Today, he is relieved because his factory has been free of new cases of Covid-19 for more than 100 days. The factory was able to sell its textile products to customers without interruption. “I would like the government, the private sector and other factories to become active in preventing the spread of Covid-19, take preventative measures seriously and aim to eliminate Covid-19 from society together,” said Mr. Chaiyuth.

The factory followed the strict measures recommended by ML Rangsithorn Bhanubandh, spokesperson for Zero Covid Thailand – an information resource that promotes science communication to eliminate Covid-19 in Thailand; and Tanasak Pheunghua, innovation consultant and owner of the AerosolVirus Facebook page, who visited his factory and helped install the system in July.

Active tests using rapid saliva-based antigen tests were performed with all employees. “With limited budget and resources for antigen testing kits, each factory could divide employees into groups of five and test only one of five per week.” They must take the test before coming. work and only those with negative results. results can come at work. If the result is positive, all members of the department should be tested and placed in isolation, ”said ML Rangsithorn.

Those who test positive will receive first aid kits and be registered for treatment, he added. All TSK factory employees receive a pack of N95 / KN95 / KF94 masks every month. They are required to wear the mask at all times while at work and are advised to change their mask once every 3 to 5 days. Staff are required to keep two meters from each other as they observe social distancing and are encouraged to use other means of communication such as walkie-talkies or cell phones.

Zero Covid Thailand checked the ventilation of the plant and advised on improvements. Windows should be open, fans and air purifiers with HEPA filters provided.

A finger scanning system has been replaced with a facial scan and QR code, Tanasak said. New hours have been introduced for the break and lunch time. Time intervals are set to allow time for the air to ventilate before new groups of employees enter a room. Some employees worked from home.

“Air ventilation is so important. Risks would be high in any poorly ventilated building if there was a person infected with Covid,” he said.


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