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The latest collaboration between Sonos and IKEA sees the pair update a previously released Symfonisk speaker, with the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker with WiFi (Gen 2) improving on the original in every way. .

The design of this lamp is much more sophisticated than what we were used to before, and its modular design allows you to opt for different shade designs and colors – so you’re sure to find a combination that suits your needs better. your interior decoration.

You will also find that the sound has also been amplified. The new Symfonisk table lamp speaker delivers an excellent sonic performance that’s closer to what regular Sonos speakers are capable of – however, bass enthusiasts may find this speaker’s capabilities still lacking a bit. little.

Considering this new lamp speaker costs about as much as the audiophile-focused Sonos One – or the Symfonisk Picture Frame speaker – it’s a shame you don’t get the same quality performance from this device.

If you’re just trading some of these high-end features for a beautiful piece of furniture, you won’t be disappointed with the Symfonisk Table Lamp. However, audiophiles may be better off with a different device from Sonos’ suite of gadgets.

Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker Price and Availability (Gen 2)

  • Available at IKEA
  • Lamp with fabric shade: $170 / £180
  • Lamp with glass shade: $190 / £199

You can get the Symfonisk (Gen 2) table lamp speaker from IKEA and have several different options to choose from – which are split across two price points.

It doesn’t matter if you go for the black or white version of each lamp speaker with a textile shade will set you back $170 / £179 (around AU$340) and the lamp speaker with a shade in glass costs $190 / £199 (around AU$380).

Symfonisk (Gen 2) table lamp speaker from the front - single light on/off switch is visible

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Alternatively, you can purchase each component separately – which would give you the option to swap designs if you wish. The speaker lamp base (without shade) is $141 / £159 (around AU$300), then you can grab the textile shade for $29 / £20 (around AU$35 ), or you can opt for the glass shade at $49 / £40 (around AUD 75).


  • Choice of shades in black or white
  • Lantern shape with glass shade
  • Traditional lamp design with fabric shade

Just like its predecessor, the new Symfonisk table lamp speaker combines the usefulness of a lamp and a wireless speaker into one. This tracking gadget borrows several design elements from the original, but looks sleeker overall.

The differences between the new model and the original Symfonisk table lamp speaker are most noticeable if you opt for the glass shade option – the model we were sent to test. The glass shade combines elements of the original mushroom design with a lantern-style look to create a chic table lamp you’d be proud to have displayed in your home.

Although we haven’t had the chance to see it in person, the textile lampshade is also very elegant. It incorporates a thin fabric ring that rotates around an inner cylinder that wraps around the bulb to create a mix of modern and more traditional aesthetics.

Textile and glass lampshades are available in white or black.

Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker (Gen 2) on a table with candles and a plant

(Image credit: future)

Your choice of hue shouldn’t impact the sound quality of the speaker, so a lot depends on your personal taste. The fabric shade is more economical, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking to slash the price of this speaker a bit – but the glass shade offers a more upscale look.

If you’re considering picking up one of these speakers for yourself, but aren’t sure which design option to choose, we recommend visiting an IKEA store in person to help you weigh your options.

Whichever shade you choose, the base of the speaker is the same and is available in white or black. The fabric upholstery is reminiscent of what you’d find wrapped around a typical smart speaker like the Google Nest Audio.

On the front of the Lamp Speaker base you’ll find a simple on/off button for the bulb, while on the back you’ll find the audio controls. These three buttons allow you to adjust volume up or down and play/pause music – with more sophisticated controls available through the Sonos mobile app.

While these simplistic controls get the job done, we would have preferred the light switch to be a dial instead. The lamp has decent brightness when paired with a standard bulb – the perfect level for a more intimate bedroom or living room space – but we would have liked to be able to dim and brighten the bulb.

Speaking of which, the lamp supports any E27 LED bulb, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

In terms of size, the new Symfonisk table lamp speaker is about the same size as a typical lamp. The base alone has a diameter of 16 cm and a height of 20 cm. In addition to this, you will need to consider the size of the lampshade; the textile shade has a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 20 cm, and the glass shade has a diameter of 22 cm and a height of 25 cm.

If you manage to find the perfect spot for your new speaker, its 2m long power cord will almost certainly reach the nearest outlet.

Symfonisk table lamp speaker (Gen 2) from behind - you can see the volume and music controls

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To install

  • Compatible with the Sonos app
  • Multi-room audio support
  • TruePlay configured for iOS users

Like all other Sonos and Symfonisk speakers, to set up and use the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker (Gen 2), you must first download the Sonos app to your smartphone. This easy-to-use tool will guide you through the process of creating a Sonos sound system and act as a master controller for all your devices at once.

In typical IKEA fashion, the instruction manual will guide you through the app and the setup process is simple – taking only a few minutes.

Once your speaker is ready to go, you’ll then need to connect to your favorite music and podcast streaming services to start enjoying your favorite tunes and shows. It might be a bit tedious, but the end result is a simple, one-stop remote that can be easily shared with members of your household.

The only downside to this system is that while it controls the audio, it doesn’t let you turn the bulb on/off remotely, which feels like a missed trick from Sonos and IKEA. .

If you’ve already set up a suite of Sonos and Symfonisk speakers, you can easily add this new table lamp speaker to work in tandem with the rest of the devices in your home. You can listen to music and podcasts through any selection of speakers at once, allowing you to fill individual rooms or your entire home with sound.

Additionally, if you have chosen two Symfonisk lamp speakers, you can configure them as a stereo pair to create and experience a more dynamic soundstage from your new devices. Unfortunately, different Sonos/Symfonisk speaker models cannot be stereo paired – they must be identical models and versions.

Although Bluetooth is not supported, owners of Apple devices will be able to take advantage of AirPlay 2 to play audio through this Symfonisk speaker.

Additionally, those with an iPhone or iPad running the latest version of iOS (excluding those listed on the official Sonos website) can take advantage of Trueplay, a system that automatically tunes your speaker to it sounds the best it can in your house. .

Symfonisk (Gen 2) table lamp speaker with textile shade next to a bed

(Photo credit: IKEA)

If you’re on Android, you’ll instead be forced to modulate the audio using the manual equalizer control in the Sonos app. We didn’t spend too much time tweaking the settings to our liking, so you should feel very bothered by that.

Android users will find they lose some speaker functionality, but given how great the Sonos app is, you’ll probably quickly forget.

Audio performance

  • Clear and detailed sound for highs and mids
  • Bass can get a bit muddy at higher volumes
  • Delivers nearly 360 degree sound

While this gadget can double as a lamp, it’s still a speaker – and as with all speakers, the most important factor is audio performance. In this case, the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker works admirably, but may not be to everyone’s taste.

To test this speaker, we put it through its paces playing a variety of tracks ranging from orchestral classics to fast-paced hip-hop, plus a few podcast episodes for good measure.

We found it handled mid to high tones perfectly, ensuring they were crisp and free of distortion as we turned up the volume. The table lamp was also able to create soundscapes with great clarity and sound near 360 degrees, so you could listen to music from all angles (although when we were placed behind the speaker, some sounds became a bit muffled) .

Unfortunately, this crummy device doesn’t pack enough bass punch for our liking. Adjusting the EQ settings and increasing the volume can help, but if you try to go above 75% of the maximum volume, the deeper tones start to distort and get slightly muddy.

It certainly won’t be the end of the world for everyone, especially because we can’t see you wanting to turn up the volume that high very often. Even at around 50% of the maximum volume, you could run the risk of annoying your neighbors.

However, if you’re looking for a speaker that offers better audio performance and is in a similar price range, you might want to go with the Symfonisk Picture Frame – a device that strikes a better balance between fashion and function. You can also check out the Sonos One if you’re just going with a more traditional design speaker.

Should I buy the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker (Gen 2)?

The two Symfonisk table lamp designs next to the Symfonisk picture frame

(Image credit: IKEA)

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