ReshaMandi brings India’s quintessential natural fabrics to the Middle East and North Africa


DUBAIWATER, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ReshaMandi – one of india the largest digital ecosystem of fashionable farm natural fibers – announced its entry into the Middle East and North Africa market today, with the intention of becoming a one-stop-shop for all natural and recycled fabrics. With this move, ReshaMandi hopes to contribute to the global natural textile ecosystem and become the world’s largest natural textile sourcing partner for customers seeking sustainable technology-powered solutions.

ReshaMandi has supplied over 10 million yards of natural fiber fabric to over 500 home fabric, apparel and home furnishing manufacturers in India. Of these 500, more than 200 are exporters supplying products to well-known brands in all geographies. It offers a wide range of natural fabrics while adhering to sustainability, fair trade and ethical sourcing standards. These include silk, cotton, viscose, bamboo, hemp and other natural fibers.

Founder and CEO of ReshaMandi, Mayank Tiwarisaid, “The MENA region has been a strategic focus for ReshaMandi as it is a rapidly emerging market with enormous growth potential. Serving as an important hub for the garment and textile industries, it has become the ‘one of the world’s largest textile hubs for products, Given the growing awareness of sustainability in fashion, an increasing number of retailers, factories, manufacturers, designers and related players are looking for partners who can deliver the best quality natural fibers at standardized prices while ensuring on-time delivery We are committed to delivering the benefits of technology to stakeholders so they can achieve consistent quality, lower price and complete just-in-time execution.ReshaMandi has touched millions of lives in India creating jobs, increasing operational efficiency and paving the way for future growth. We would like to replicate the same model in the MENA region.”

ReshaMandi begins its journey into global markets with categories such as yarn, natural and recycled fabrics, home and living, apparel, accessories and design-to-life solutions, with ambitions to grow these to the future.

About ReshaMandi

Resha Mandi works with 60,000 farmers, over 10,000 weavers, over 7,500 reels and 3,500 retailers across the natural fiber supply chain to improve their productivity, impact bottom line and potentially help improve the quality of their life.

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