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With its recent launch into the vintage sportswear space, Adidas has opened up a new market for India

Few people know that one in four girls in their teens gives up playing sports because of their period. When the great sportsman Adidas’s team learned about this fact two years ago, they decided to venture into the space of vintage sportswear. With the period Stay In Play leggings launched in June, the brand joins a list of several others who have worked on performance enhancing clothing for women.

While rule-proof underwear has dominated the market for a few years – thanks to local brands like SochGreen and Lavos – not much has been said about performance sportswear. For example, before Bengaluru-based yoga brand Proyog took hold in 2015, co-founder Malika Baruah said she spent two years researching fabrics. They not only had to be durable, but also had the strength and finish to deliver high performance, she says, explaining how they designed the trademarked Hyperbreath fabric. “Each fabric has been tested for a range of characteristics such as stretch and recovery, yarn strength, stains and color fastness.” Ahead of the launch in India of the Adidas line, we are reviewing it and other brands working in the space.

Tights @ Adidas, Germany

Speaking of their line of period-proof tights and shorts, Kim Buerger, Senior Product Manager, says the construction of the multi-layered cushion is thin and light, with no exterior seams. “The product went through a series of trials and tests, and we took note of the fit based on the body type, feel and performance of the cushion,” Buerger explains. The outer layer of the tights is made from Primegreen, a recycled polyester fabric, and they are meant to be worn with a towel, tampon or mug. “Tights give the wearer an extra layer of protection and safety. It’s more of a mental barrier that we try to break because those who have their period are generally afraid of leaks when they play or train, despite wearing a tampon or a towel, ”he adds. it. Later, Adidas will launch bike shorts and a range of plus sizes. 2,999 for shorts and 4,799 for tights

Active shorts at Modibodi

Running shorts @ Modibodi, Australia

To develop the Australian brand’s patented Modifier Technology, founder Kristy Chong worked “closely with chemical textile engineers, garment developers, textile factories and scientists, performing nearly 1,000 scientific tests over 18 months. to do it right “. This technology is now found in the gusset area of ​​their waterproof underwear and sportswear. Their products – running shorts, active briefs and recycled active leggings – are designed to wick away sweat and ensure that leaks don’t interfere with your workout.

Stretch the

  • Without brake, India: Founded by endurance runner Sumedha Mahajan, the brand offers a range of high impact shorts, capris, sports bras and tights. The “champion” and “performance” tights are made from a specially designed fabric that emphasizes the crucial support of the leg muscles.
  • Proyog, India: Known for fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, modal and linen that allow for easy stretching and high performance, founder Baruah says the Proyog Dhoti range was inspired by the sartorial traditions of yoga gurus. Tank tops and leggings are treated with moisture wicking technology to maintain freshness. Organic cotton blend products for their knitwear line, experiments with hemp fabric and a new travel mat are coming up. ₹ 300 to 5,000 on

“Our merino wool [used in absorbent linings] is antibacterial, biodegradable, soft and breathable. Since it absorbs up to three times its own weight in moisture, it keeps you dry and odorless, ”explains Chong. However, a small percentage of users on Reddit threads shared experiences of how the absorbent swimsuit gusset gets wet after use, and despite religious adherence to underwear washing instructions, they encountered a fabric worn after only a few washes. The women’s range is from 1,422.

Cycling shorts @ Thinx, USA

While the news of the harmful PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances) in their underwear is still the subject of debate at the New York-based “solutions company for the periods” with a collection of night shorts. plus size, their sportswear collection and their bestselling hiphugger.

Sportswear at Thinx

Courtney Newman, Product Design Manager at Thinx, explains that the leggings and shorts with front heated pad pockets, workout shorts and leotard (with built-in sports bra) are made of soft, double brushed sided, four High stretch interlock fabric “which is breathable and quick-drying, with slight compression”. “For the new sportswear collection, special attention has been paid to the lengths and construction of the gussets to ensure comfort,” she says. That said, Reddit users have complained about smells after a year of use (their lifespan can be up to two years). The range of sportswear is from 3,710, period underwear to 1,855.

Ruby Love's swimwear collection

Swimwear @ Ruby Love, USA

Bold shades of pink, blue and red color the brand’s period-proof underwear (reviews online suggest wearing a towel if you have heavy flow), bodysuits and leggings. This summer, they are highlighting their range of timeless swimwear with geometric patterns and Aztec prints.

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