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Trends come and go, some stand the test of time, some fall from the public eye only to return later (think ’90s styles that are currently making a comeback), and others are dying as fast as they are. they appeared. As we prepare for 2022, there are a few sartorial trends to note.

From COVID-related comfort styles to retail and runway-inspired outfits, the influence on trends is coming from all directions. In 2022, not only the current economic climate plays a role, but also the explosion of personalization. Even in the branded clothing market, retail brands can be seen everywhere. “Retail plays a role [apparel trends]”said Andy Weitz, director of business development for Color tone, Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Other major movements to pay attention to is the climate conversation. “With the climate crisis before the world, we anticipate an increase in environmentally friendly clothing, as well as sustainable manufacturing processes,” said Julie Martinez, head of digital merchandising for FPS clothing, Chester, New York.

In both the retail and wholesale world, sustainability is booming and companies on the clothing decoration equipment side are getting involved as well. From November 2-5, Kornit Digital hosted its Fashion Week in Los Angeles, where the focus was on sustainability from a designer and manufacturer perspective.

“It’s about inclusion and diversity,” said Kornit CEO Ronen Samuel in a statement. “Our goal is to change the textile industry, to make it sustainable. “

In addition to the eco-friendly themes, the company placed emphasis on diversity, showcasing styles with a variety of models of different ages and body types.

Decoration technologies themselves are also at the forefront of clothing trends, with digital in mind. Weitz noted that direct apparel selling (DTG) is doing particularly well and will continue to do so into the new year. Sublimation also remains popular for clothing styles, as well as promotional products.

This is not to say that traditional methods will not continue to remain stable. “Some decorating trends like embroidery, dip dyeing and screen printing can be seen on the retail side and easily translated into promotional clothing as well,” Martinez said.

The color will experience a change in 2022, as the neutral trends of the early 2000s reappear. “We anticipate an increase in neutral colors and influence in the early 2000s as Gen Z comes to the forefront of fashion influence,” Martinez said.

Once again, personalization will play a role here. “We expect the demands for personalized clothing to increase as each brand strives to differentiate itself from the competition with newsworthy promotional products,” she added.

This trend was evident throughout Kornit Fashion Week, with lots of pastels and neutral colors making their way into the runways. Note also throughout the show the floral and natural prints, as well as the fluid styles, marrying the concept of comfort with unique prints.

Still, we should see a few pops of color as people explore their personal style. “People seem to want something more original and handmade,” Weitz observed. “Basic colors are too basic these days. “

And with people slowly leaving their homes and returning to social situations, the need to pay attention to sartorial trends has never been greater.

“As brands increasingly shift their merchandise towards relevance, we see more and more customers looking for popular styles that people can wear outside of events,” Martinez said. “It’s important to be aware of trends and how a brand can use this style to stay up to date. “

For those who are still not sure what styles, colors, and general trends to look out for, check out the following highlights for some ideas.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

Comfort continues to be a key player in clothing trends, with hoodies set to remain popular through 2022. Pictured: Full Zip Accent hoodie from FPS Apparel.

While most of us have a healthy loathing for the pandemic and all the havoc it has caused in our lives, there are a few good things that come with it. For example, with the large percentage of the workforce switching to a work-from-home or even hybrid model, comfort styles have seen a huge increase. Today, almost a year and a half after everyone was sent home, hoodies and sweatshirts in particular are still in the limelight.

“Comfort is still the top priority after COVID,” Martinez said. “The shift from the office to working from home has resulted in a significant increase in demand for loungewear and sweatshirts on the retail side, as well as the manufacturing side. “

polo shirts

promotional clothing trends 2022 polo shirt

Corporate uniforms and polo shirts will tend to increase in 2022, with more and more people returning to an office environment. Pictured: FPS Apparel sublimated polo shirt.

Polo shirts, on the other hand, are expected to be a hot trend in 2022. The return of some to the office, or at least a hybrid environment, has some impact on this style, but sports like golf play a role as well. “Golf has been a major influence with this style,” noted Martinez. “We expect growth here, as well as corporate uniforms.”

Jerseys and sportswear

FPS Apparel Promotional Clothing

With the return of many sports to regular seasons, items like jerseys and athletic equipment are on the rise again. Pictured: Fully Printed Hoodie from FPS Apparel

Speaking of sports, Martinez said FPS Apparel expects demand for items like jerseys to increase. It still has a lot to do with many sports returning to regular seasons and live events. “With the return of sports, we are seeing an increase in this style, which is both sports-related and streetwear-inspired,” Martinez said.


Colortone promotional clothing trends

Last year saw a resurgence of tie-dyeing, a trend that isn’t expected to slow down in 2022. Pictured: Colortone’s Crop Hoodie and Cotton Candy Joggers.

“The tie-dye has been really hot over the past 12 months, and it seems to be gaining strength,” Weitz said. This particular trend has undergone a major influence on the retail side. “Tie-dye is everywhere you go these days,” he added.

The great thing about tie-dyeing is that it can be applied to almost any style of clothing: the classic t-shirt, hats and, of course, the red hoodie. “Hoodies tend to grow and will get bigger in 2022,” Weitz said. But don’t forget to think outside the box and target customers looking for something unique. For example, offer tie-dye pants, crop tops, pajamas, and accessories like masks.


Colortone brand clothing masks

From hats and scrunchies to face masks, accessories are an easy item to brand and personalize. Pictured: Colortone pack of 12 masks (eternity motif).

If you’re going to talk about props, the pandemic is once again at the forefront of the conversation. While items like masks and gaiters have seen drops and increases as the COVID count fluctuates, they should again be a mainstay for 2022. But before you get too carried away by this, forget not that there are other hot priced items out there.

Martinez lists scrunchies and other designer items that are cheap and frequently worn. But what will differentiate these items by 2022 is the emphasis on personalization and the decorating methods that lend themselves to it.

“We anticipate an increase in screen printing as the need for fast and economical decorations continues,” she said. “We are also anticipating an increase in sublimation for fully personalized looks.”


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