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NEW DELHI: Traveling to Chennai by train or taking a train from the capital of Tamil Nadu? Where to visit Darjeeling or Agra or Jodhpur? You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for what the place is known for. Kanjeevaram sarees in Chennai, your favorite Darjeeling tea and Agra’s famous marble work – it’s all available at the respective stations.

Under a one-of-a-kind initiative called “One Station, One Product”, Indian Railways has started using its vast infrastructure and network for the promotion of famous indigenous products. Each station with a stand showcasing the product the location or region is known for. These include handicrafts and textiles, slippers, wooden and metal crafts and much more. Over the past 60 days, the railways have set up such stands at 87 stations.

Channapatna wooden toys from Bangalore, chadar and sheets from Sholapur, famous jute handicrafts from Burhanpur, Kolhapuri shoes, terracotta handicrafts from Asansol, famous Assamese gamocha, pickles from Panipat, brassware from Moradabadi – it’s a long and varied list.

“Stalls of these handicrafts and famous local products have been set up at railway stations to give the products and artisans access to a pan-Indian audience and clientele,” said Gaurav Krishna Bansal, Executive Director (Information and Publicity ) of Indian Railways. Bansal further stated that this initiative is getting a good response from passengers.

He said handicrafts, looms and other local products, which have become synonymous with the identity of a town or village, were put up for sale at the stalls making the station a hub for the sale of local products.

Railway officials were encouraged by the response and have decided that in the next phase of this project, 100 additional stations across the country will be identified and similar stands installed there. So, if you are interested in these items and thinking what to do in case you don’t have much time to visit the stores, the station is your destination.

Highlighting tradition in stations

Indian Railways has set up shops selling traditional handicrafts at 87 stations across the country. There will be 100 more in the next phase of the project


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