Polartec announces the launch of a family album


Celebrate people who love the outdoors with a look back at over 30 years of an authentic lifestyle.

By the JamBase team October 5, 2021 • 7:31 a.m. PDT

Polartec, Milliken & Company brand, and premium creator of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, announces the launch of its Family album, the result of a visual history of those who have worn clothing made by Polartec on their outdoor adventures over the past three decades. Launched today via a special Polartec Instagram channel, @PolartecFamily, the album will serve as a place for the outdoor community to come together, celebrate adventures and continue to grow for years to come.

Whether it’s doing a miracle in Shoreline, chasing the dew in Deer Creek, or chilling out with Wolfman’s brother in Nassau, it’s never hard to spot Polartec in the crowd. The Family album celebrates the millions of outdoor living and live music enthusiasts all over the world who have been empowered by these category-creating inventions over the years.

Since the competition was first announced in February, entrants have combed through their albums and submitted personal photos for a chance to be featured and win limited edition Polartec products through various collaborations from design. In North America, Polartec has also partnered with our friends from JamBase, where entrants have a chance to win a number of clothing from partner brands, or grand prizes including VIP ticket packages to iconic music festivals.

Created as part of the Peaking Since ’91 campaign, the anniversary honors the founding of the Polartec brand in 1991 and the many milestones in a long history of fabric innovation, including the invention of PolarFleece during from the decade preceding the Polartec brand.

The launch of the Polartec family album seeks to bring the outdoor community together, creating a place where like-minded people can celebrate past adventures, iconic products, awesome athletes and those who inspire positive change in the world. The Family album features images that prove that when it comes to the outdoor lifestyle, you are part of the family. Load trails, run rivers and solve problems? You got it. Garage sales, campsites or gorp core? It’s cool too. From global expeditions and day trips to frolics on tour, it’s all about having fun outdoors, wearing a Polartec fleece.

“Polartec is as much a part of the outdoor lifestyle as backpacks and hiking shoes,” says David Karstad, vice president of marketing and creative director of Polartec. “The Family album allows us to reinforce this authenticity and connect with the generations of enthusiasts who have carried Polartec, no matter when they discovered their passion for nature.

Over the past 30 years, Polartec has established itself as the world’s leading innovator of a wide range of performance fabrics designed for all conditions, to keep you warm, dry, cool and safe. Big brands are constantly looking to Polartec to evolve insulation beyond fleece, redefine weather protection, develop the next lightweight technologies close to the skin, and more. Since launching the first fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles in 1993, Polartec continues to be even more sustainable, keeping 1.7 billion bottles from landfills and knitting over 200 fabric styles from post-consumer plastics. .

“Polartec’s modern history is one of transformation, moving from a traditional factory to a successful textile innovator,” said Steve Layton, President of Polartec. “We are excited to tell this story of how working with our business partners has resulted in iconic fabrics and apparel that have literally changed what we wear when we go out. “

About Polartec

Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand, is the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions. Since the invention of the original PolarFleece in 1981, Polartec engineers have continued to advance fabric science by creating problem-solving technologies that enhance the user experience. Polartec fabrics offer a wide range of features including lightweight wicking and cooling, warmth and insulation, breathable weather protection, fire resistance and increased durability. Polartec products are used by performance, lifestyle and workwear brands around the world, the United States Army and Allied Armies, and contract upholstery markets. For more information, please visit Polartec.com and follow Polartec on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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