Pierce, Pull, Piece presents the sewn and felted textiles of David Joseff Sloma


Pierce, Pull, Piece presents the sewn and felted textiles of David Joseff Sloma with an opening reception Friday, October 7 from 5-8 p.m. for Gallery Walk, Bloomington.

This current body of expressive artwork by David Joseff, Pierce, Pull, Piece illustrates language and meditation as ‘points’. Started on January 1, 2022, the work is formed with handmade felt, hand-dyed yarns, threads and fabrics. These sewn vessels and panels demonstrate David’s unique aesthetic sense of nature – every stitch is auditory, tactile and visual all at once. The experience of these meditative processes is at the origin of Joseff’s creations and inspires the title of this collection.

For David Joseff, work begins with a seed and grows, cultivating it with inspiration found in his use of natural materials. He individually selects vintage/found wools and fabrics, hand-dyes his yarns and threads, wet wool felts, needle felts, embroiders and stitches his multi-faceted pieces.

Each step of the process is a meditative meander. The base layer is often created by wet wool felting – a process of agitating wool fibers with hot water, soap, and friction that interlocks the fibers together to create its base panels and vessels. On and in it, he repeatedly pierces a barbed felting needle that introduces layer upon layer of wicks and threads. The artist’s intuitive use of embroidery stitches unites each work with threaded lines that allude to map-making and the marking of time as they flow through her beautifully crafted abstractions.


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