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Make your voice heard with the employee engagement survey

On October 11, faculty and staff eligible for benefits received an email from [email protected] with a single link to the Employee Engagement Survey. The survey responses provide valuable feedback to help university leaders understand how the pandemic has affected faculty, staff and their work environment. Survey data will be vital to making meaningful change, maximizing productivity, and recruiting and retaining talented faculty and staff. Be sure to click Submit at the end of the survey, otherwise the responses will not be saved.

Drive to vaccinate

Communities in Minnesota have faced unprecedented challenges over the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated inequalities in health care and health outcomes. With philanthropic support, a new van is helping the Minnesota Immunization Networking Initiative (MINI) team at M Health Fairview deliver health services to underserved communities in Minnesota. Since January, MINI has administered more than 27,000 COVID-19 vaccines in more than 230 community clinics. Along the way, these mobile clinics provide rich learning opportunities for students studying social work, medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene, and nursing.

Call a lavender code

lavender stones arranged in a circle shape

Throughout the pandemic, frontline caregivers have faced long hours and witnessed tragedies day in and day out, an experience that is sure to wreak havoc on even the most tireless of them. . So the Integrative Health and Wellness team at M Health Fairview called it a “Lavender Code.” A nod to other hospital emergency codes, Code Lavender programs offer staff short breaks throughout the day to show appreciation for their dedication and to promote resilience.

Study: More memory B cells exist in fully vaccinated people with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection

A new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine finds that some people who have received an mRNA vaccination for COVID-19 have greater immune responses than others. While the vaccine induces strong immune responses against the virus in almost everyone, data shows that those who have been previously infected with the virus have even greater immune responses after vaccination compared to fully vaccinated people who have not. have never had COVID-19.

Study establishes value of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging for suspected heart tumors

In a one-of-a-kind study, researchers at the U of M School of Medicine conducted a large, multi-center investigation to determine whether cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is the best approach to assess patients with suspected heart tumors. Their results prove that CMR offers great precision and prognostic value for this purpose.

UMN Headlines: October 2021

Graphical reading Discovery never stops

The October episode of the “UMN Headlines” video series shares highlights from the University of Minnesota system, including advancements in renewable energy, invasive species research grants, success stories alumni of the Paralympic Games, working in our rural communities, welcoming into the Class of 2025, and more. See past episodes here.

Open Applications: Minnesota Neuroimaging Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

This two-year Neuroimaging Fellowship aims to provide multidisciplinary skills in the development of neuroimaging technologies and advanced biomedical applications, career development counseling, and social / networking support. The main research of each fellow will be carried out on a multidisciplinary project that combines their experience with another field, with the explicit aim of developing new neuroimaging technologies. The deadline to apply is November 29.

Research thesis: Defects induced in quantum materials could improve superconducting properties

In a startling discovery, an international team of researchers, led by scientists from the Center for Quantum Materials at the University of Minnesota, found that induced defects in quantum materials could improve their superconducting properties. The groundbreaking discoveries could provide new perspectives for the development of the next generation of quantum computing and electronic devices. Other recent research notes include “Links between new recruits lead to early success,” “Diagnosis of schizophrenia on the rise among black nursing home residents after Medicare begins” and “Spotify is on the rise. powerful. Is it biased? “

October 18 – Hotbeds: insurrectionary design for collaborative transformation

The U of M will present a virtual workshop with National Book Award-winning poet and activist Nikky Finney, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Hosted by poet and professor Douglas Kearney and artist and associate vice-chancellor at the equity and diversity Virajita Singh, Hotbeds: Insurgent Design for Collaborative Transformation (register), welcomes an audience to a literary activism workshop with members of the University and the community.

Oct 18-22 – National Transfer Student Week

National Transfer Student Week celebrates everything transfer students bring to the University of Minnesota and educates about who our transfer students are. Currently transferring students, faculty and staff who were transfer students are invited to share their transfer student story, which can then be shared on social media and the Twin Cities Transfer Student Week website. .

October 25 – System-wide resources for faculty, researchers and graduate students

Presenters from seven university offices and university libraries will talk about internal funding sources and other programs available within the U of M system to support research and teaching. They will also share opportunities to support collaboration between disciplines. Faculty, staff and graduate students working with advisors who can support their work are invited; the programs discussed are open to each of these groups. Registration is compulsory. 1:00 p.m.

U of M presented virtual events

Soldiers in uniform on the steps

October 13 – COVID-19 and human rights: economic, social and cultural rights

In progress – Mindfulness at work

October 14 – The Army and the Role of the Citizen Soldier, starring Brigadier-General David Hamlar

October 19 – Polymers Can Work Wonders: From Vaccine Delivery To Cancer Therapy

Oct 19 – 80th anniversary of Book Week: a celebration of children’s literature

October 20 – The Growing Power of Blacks and Latinos in Congress

October 28 – The collapse of the Arctic: why it matters to all of us

October 29 – Minnesota Sexual and Reproductive Health Landscape

See the full calendar of events

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