Newcastle Mayor Ntuthuko Mahlaba condemns looting and destruction at KZN


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DURBAN – NEWCASTLE Municipality in northern KwaZulu-Natal said shops were looted in Osizweni, Blaawbosch, Theku Plaza, Madadeni and Mdozo.

Mahlaba said some of the stores are already experiencing a shortage of supplies due to this ongoing volatile situation that has gripped the province.

He said they were now trying to find a solution to their plight as some might consider shutting down their businesses.

Mahlaba said: “Our priority is to save the hundreds of jobs that would most likely be lost. Many of their employees are now at home, with little chance of returning to work. Unfortunately, regional suppliers have also been affected, including logistics companies. “

Factories and other businesses have also not been spared in Newcastle, which is said to have one of the largest textile industries in the province.

Mahlaba warned the communities that after looting and ransacking the shops, they would pay the price and that the damaging effects would be felt for a very long time.

He said the theft of goods from businesses would affect workers, the community and the city’s economy.

“Soon there will be very few stores to buy goods, and therefore there will be no more jobs for people. Once a store has been looted, business owners suffer financial loss and in some cases never recover from the loss.

“The short-lived crime may sound like a good thing at the time, but the repercussions will affect us all in one way or another. How long will this loot last? Perhaps enough to benefit the looter and his family for a few days, but will put hundreds of people out of work.

He added that it would take months for businesses to rebuild, while some would not even have the money to rebuild.



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