Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) gets $85 million for its high-quality natural materials


Natural Fiber Welding is an innovative company that takes natural materials to the next level. NFW is committed to creating high quality materials without using plastic and using plants instead. The company’s approach means durable products with no reduction in performance, and they want to use this unique approach to reinvent the material world. If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, check out the announcement below.

Today, we are honored to announce that we have raised $85 million in funding to expand production of all-natural, high-performance circular materials products to market with a wide range of global brand partners. Visionary investors who support our truly circular materials include: Evolution VC Partners, Tattarang, Lewis & Clark AgriFood, Collaborative Fund, AiiM Partners, Engine No.1, Raga Partners, Tidal Impact, Scrum Ventures, Gaingels, BMW i Ventures, Ralph Lauren , Advantage Capital and Central Illinois Angels.

Our partners come from all over the world but come together under a common mission to make the world more sustainable through abundant and renewable products that are material-rich and plastic-free. Together, we invest in the flourishing of people, land and the world at large.

But this is only the beginning. NFW exists to unlock the potential of nature, providing industries and innovators with categorically new material platforms to responsibly design and create. We’re poised to bring incredibly sustainable solutions to even more of the world’s leading brands.

A world without compromise

As our CEO and Founder, Luke Haverhals said, “We envision a world that is not dependent on plastic, where abundant natural materials allow people and the planet to thrive together. We’re here to leave the world better than we found it and look forward to working with our brand partners to build a fully circular coalition for the planet.

More new plant material grows in an average day on earth than the sum total of all petroleum-derived materials produced in a year by humans. Yet the textile industry depends on plastics, although there is an essentially unlimited supply of natural, circular materials that can be obtained regeneratively – from green plants and sunlight.

We are at a tipping point, both for ourselves and for future generations. When it comes to the future of a livable environment and the security of abundant resources, we must step in, and quickly, with globally sustainable business models and technologies.

At NFW, we have spent the past seven years creating an entirely new sustainable and circular supply chain by strictly leveraging the abundance of plants. We are leading the way to a true circular economy. We design, engineer and engineer an evolving ecosystem of fully sustainable materials.

Our categorically new, plant-based, not plastic materials, MIRUM® and CLARUS®, bring the aspects of high performance that the world once thought was only possible through synthetics.

You can learn more about each of our materials here: MIRUM® and CLARUS®.

Today we celebrate the growth of our business with the support of a global community to meet global demand.

better together

We partner with the boldest thinkers and the most visionary brands to move the material economy towards a truly sustainable future.

During the Australian Open 2022, we launched a first product innovation on the market, the RLX CLARUS® polo shirt.

Chaco, a Wolverine Worldwide brand, hits the market with recycled cotton CLARUS® shoe uppers that replace synthetic uppers.

MIRUM® has been featured by global brands such as Alexander McQueen (MCQ), PANGAIA, Bellroy, H&M and Camper.

We aggressively pursue relationships with major partners and customers to disrupt the footwear industry. For the first time, in an evolutionary and efficient way, we will manufacture every part of the shoe from natural inputs. NFW has an ecosystem of regenerative and circular materials that makes this possible.

We’re in amazing company, and we’re just getting started.

Our road to the future

We sincerely thank all of our wonderful investors, brand partners and employees who make this possible. We truly see a plastic-free future. It will take a coalition and a lot of hard work, but we will push together to make it a reality.

Everyone we work with are forward-thinking and true revolutionaries who want to make the future better than the present. With these new investments, we can continue our march towards global industry disruption, more shocking sustainable solutions. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the best is yet to come.

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