More than 250,000 packs of cigarettes recalled in Canada — due to fire hazard


Yes, apparently they burn too much along their length and can start a fire on textiles etc. in the event of a fall. Who knew…

More than 250,000 packs of cigarettes sold in Canada have been recalled because they pose a fire hazard.

Yes, you read correctly.

Health Canada has issued a recall of the Viceroy Full (Viceroy Original) Regular Size 20-pack of cigarettes.

Apparently, the “Cigarette Ignition Proficiency Regulations” require that, when tested, all cigarettes manufactured or imported into Canada burn no more than 25% of the time over their entire length.

Cigarettes that “do not meet performance requirements pose an increased fire hazard,” Health Canada said, adding that “cigarettes that fall on furniture, bedding or other textile products may cause a fire “.

What to do

Stop using the recalled products and contact the distributor, Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited, to return the product for a replacement product.

Which products are affected?

This recall involves Viceroy Full (Viceroy Original), Regular Size, 20 cigarettes. The following provides UPC information and traceability codes for specific recalled products in their individual packages and cartons. The traceability code for individual packs of cigarettes is on the bottom of the pack and for cartons of cigarettes it is on the side of the carton.

Who to contact?

For more information, consumers may contact Imperial Tobacco Canada Limitée in the official language of their choice (English or French) by telephone at 1-800-932-9326, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET or visit the company’s website to file a complaint.

The company reported that 256,500 packages of the affected product were sold in Canada between September 2021 and March 2022.


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