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Thu 2 December 2021

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On Wednesday, Minister of Commerce Muhammad Lutfi symbolically sent a shipment of viscose rayon products manufactured by Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) destined for the national and global market.

Held in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, the ceremony was also attended by Riau Deputy Governor Edy Natar Nasution, Pelalawan Regent Zukri Misran, RGE Managing Director Anderson Tanoto, APRIL COO Eduward Ginting and Managing Director of APR Basri Kamba.

During the event, Lutfi expressed his appreciation for APR’s presence as a sustainable and competitive company with the potential to be a global player in the industry.

“I would like to congratulate APR for being able to market its products nationally and internationally. This is what we envisioned, and the Ministry of Commerce will maintain the optimal trade situation so that we can enter the world market, as well as maintain the continuity of Indonesian products in the domestic market, ”he said.

Lutfi also acknowledged the current state of the world market, noting that a number of European countries have introduced laws requiring exporting countries to obtain a certificate that their products come from sustainable sources.

“I am here at APR because I believe Indonesia is capable and responsible for both Indonesian products, as well as the forests that will serve as a source of life for generations to come. “

APR manufactures high added value products such as viscose rayon fiber. Also known as viscose staple fiber (VSF), synthetic biodegradable fiber is made from wood pulp and resembles cotton in its characteristics. VSF is used as the main material in the production of yarn, which is then processed into clothing and household products.

As of October, APR had produced 111.01 kilotonnes of viscose rayon fiber products for the export market and 77.51 kilotonnes for the domestic market. The Minister of Commerce also saw the shipment of PaperOne paper products manufactured by Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), which have been sold to over 75 countries with a total export of over 755,000 tonnes.

Edy said the distribution of viscose rayon products signified the booming economy of the province, noting that Riau had recorded 39.540 billion rupees ($ 2.75 billion) in domestic investment and foreign direct investment ( FDI) combined, reaching 81% of the Investment Coordination Board’s 2021 investments. target for Riau of Rp 48.6 trillion.

“With this plant, Riau is not only a center for the pulp and paper industry, but also for rayon as a textile material. […] We hope that the plant can increase Riau’s gross domestic product by 1.49% from non-oil and gas industries, as well as support small and medium industries in sectors related to plant operations, as they can bring a ripple effect for Riau’s sustainable economy, “he said.

. (Courtesy of Asia Pacific Rayon /.)

“The distribution of viscose rayon exports to global and domestic markets is a further step in RPA’s efforts to strengthen the domestic textile industry and reduce our dependence on imported textile raw materials,” he said. -he declares.

Eduward also noted that since its inauguration by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in February 2020, APR has grown into an integrated viscose rayon manufacturing plant with dissolving pulp made from 100% renewable fibers from forest plantations in APRIL.

“APR entered the global textile market with our 100% natural fiber viscose rayon, breathable, light, soft and certified. Viscose rayon is better than other textile materials because it is biodegradable and can act as compost. This makes us very optimistic about Indonesia’s prospects of being the center of the modest global fashion scene.

Currently, APR produces nearly 300,000 tonnes of viscose rayon fibers per year, which are exported to 22 countries. The company is preparing the second phase of construction to double its production capacity to 600,000 tonnes per year by 2023.

APR is committed to supporting the government’s vision to increase domestic production oriented towards export. The outlook for viscose rayon in the global market is increasing rapidly, in line with the growing trend of sustainable fashion.

This article is the result of a collaboration with The Jakarta Post and APR.



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