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In 2017, approximately 13 million tonnes textiles have been thrown in landfills or burned in the United States. It’s approximately 85% of all the clothes thrown in the country. Textile waste is a huge problem, since 92 million tonnes of it are created each year. Fortunately, fashion brands are giving new life to unwanted textiles. Here are five cutting-edge recycling brands that make incredibly creative and beautiful clothes from previously overlooked fabrics.

1. Bethany Williams

At Bethany williamsInstagram, she says her brand “works with social projects and communities to give textiles a second chance.” Her pieces are full of color and it is obvious that she enjoys exploring different textures and creating something unique out of preexisting textiles and clothing. Flattering silhouettes, paired with eye-catching patterns and shapes, make her work instantly recognizable.

2. Re; Code

korean brand Re; Code takes ready-made products such as seat covers, fabric liners in cars, airbags, waste from their sister companies and even airbags and turns them into clothing and accessories. You would never know their parts are recycled just by looking at them. Everything is modern with lots of clean lines and made from wearable fabrics. There is a good mix of simple clothes like oversized t-shirts with a few more unique pieces like their half-pleated skirt which is supported by a belt.

3. Rokit originals

Rokit is a vintage or second-hand store, but their original clothes are the hidden gem of the business. The clothes in the Rokit Originals collection are made from recycled, vintage and dead materials and are all durable and timeless. The collection presents a nice balance of classic and more eccentric pieces with tye-dye jeans displayed alongside sleek black dresses. There is a little something for everyone out there.

Rokit also offers an impressive selection of vintage finds from nearly 100 brands.


The KINdom Circle: recycled collection supports their environmental initiative to “Promote closed-loop production through recycling and foster partnerships and collaborations with like-minded people or companies for a more circular economy”. There is a notable range of piece styles available, with some more colorful and intricately stitched than others. The painted jackets are particularly elegant.

KINdom also sells other ethically made clothing, several accessories and ships all in compostable packaging.

5. Suave

This Kenyan brand makes backpacks, satchels and laptop sleeves from recycled fabrics and African fabrics from the region. Most of their pieces are super colorful and celebrate African prints. Usually denim is used for the structure of the bag along with other textiles sprinkled here or there to keep things interesting and add their characteristic touch of color. There is no denying Suave makes cheerful looking bags and the fact that they are made from recycled fabrics also makes us happy!

Please don’t throw away your old clothes!

These five brands are proof that amazing things can be done with textiles that most businesses or individuals would just throw away. Next time you plan to throw away a super worn top or a dingy pair of jeans, please find a local textile recycling bin and recycle them. It’s a small step that makes a big difference.

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