Kay Lilian Designs Norwich Fall 2021 Knitwear Collection


Textile artist Kay Worton has always loved working with fabrics and being creative.

But it was her introduction to the knitting machine during her studies at Norwich University of the Arts that made her addicted to working with wool.

“I remember my first workshop lesson, I was the only one staying late because I was like ‘I have to finish this piece’,” she enthuses.

“I just thought it was really amazing that you could grow fabric on your machine and watch each stitch form.

“I don’t really know what it was, but I just got a little addicted, to be honest,” she laughs.

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Kay graduated in 2014 and is working on her designs alongside her full-time job.

It is important to her that her products are as good as they look.

“I knew I loved knitting on my machine, and I wanted to create products from natural fibers, so that’s when I started to like looking for yarns of different qualities and I found these yarns that are really expensive, but they make such beautiful products, ”says Kay.

She began to design fabrics and research color combinations.

The first products she made were footrests, and then she started making cushions as well.

When Kay was put on leave for three months during the first coronavirus lockdown, she focused her energies on design and manufacturing.

And her long-term dream is to be a full-time designer and designer.

“In some ways it was really good for me because it gave me time to be able to focus on my other source of income, my knitting, so I saw the positives and how I could use very well. time for business progress, ”she said.

“I literally knitted everyday and really enjoyed it.

“I love interiors, but lately I’ve also become more interested in fashion and sell scarves, jewelry, headbands and brooches.

“I do a little bit of everything, I just like to think of new ideas I can do,” she says.

Kay Lilian Designs creates a range of knitted accessories and housewares
– Credit: Kay Lilian Designs

When it comes to working with wool, the only limit is your imagination – and Kay says she loves the experimental side of what she does.

“Bring all kinds of different ideas and think about how I can do it and try, really.

“In my house, I have a loft where I have my knitting machine, my sewing machine, shelves for the products I make, inspiration boards, it’s all up there.

“It’s really good because I can just do it one night, so if I have an idea, I quickly try a few things.”

And she’s been working on new products for the fall, both accessories and home items, which will launch in the coming weeks.

“A new product that I made in the past, but didn’t really focus on, was knit flowerpots,” says Kay.

“They have waterproof fabric on the inside and a knitted outer side.

Kay crates her colorful creations on her knitting machine

Kay crates her colorful creations on her knitting machine
– Credit: Kay Lilian Designs

“I also knit other scarves, in different fall colors like burgundy, navy blue and rust orange which I will be launching soon.”

Follow Kay Lilian Designs on Instagram @kayliliandesigns. Kay also has a store on Etsy.

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