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Kareena Kapoor Khan on her love for chikankari and what people can do to support Indian crafts

By on August 6, 2021 0

There is no denying, however, that it was the sponsorship of actress and style icon Kareena Kapoor Khan that helped the fundraiser expand its reach. “Kareena has been more than generous with her time, enthusiasm and support. She pushed me to continue the Baradari story throughout the year, ”Zakaria adds. As Kapoor Khan is extending his association for the second time as well, Vogue India talks to him about the importance of defending the guardians of our artisan heritage.

Tell us about the feedback from the first edition of Baradari that left an impression on you?

The sale went very well. Namrata and his team raised almost Rs 50 lakh. This is an amazing effort, as we have to remember that most of the back end work was done during the lockdown. Involve over 100 designers, make sure their clothes arrive on time and are photographed for sale, then organize the sale itself. I have seen the impact of the funds on the beneficiaries. Their lives have changed for the better.

What makes an initiative like Baradari so relevant to our times today?

Baradari, or fraternity, and economic equality are still relevant today. But when times get tough and poverty levels rise, like during this pandemic, it becomes even more important. Baradari is a reaction to this. It’s a call to action. When Namrata called me last year and told me she wanted to do it, I immediately agreed. This year too, I was more than happy to support Baradari. It is a project that is close to my heart.

Basically, this fundraiser promotes the idea of ​​economic equality. Designers and artisans are partners in creating an outfit, and Baradari wants us all to recognize this partnership. We need to supplement our crafts not only with seasonal jobs, but also with fair wages. This can happen if artisans are empowered to become entrepreneurs. I love this idea of ​​independence.

Rahul mishra

Do you have any favorites when it comes to crafts and textiles? What about buying advice?

I grew up in a family that introduced us to Indian crafts and textiles very early on. It’s been an integral part of my childhood and my early years. This awareness has also helped my professional career as an artist. Each texture and pattern of a textile has a story, which makes it unique.

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