Impasto and large brushstrokes of paint render dreamy landscapes in rich layers of color



#acrylic # impasto #landscapes #painting

July 20, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Anastasia Trusova, shared with permission

To capture the depth of an enchanting river alcove or a bucolic landscape, Russian artist Anastasia Trusova works in what she calls “Textured Graphic Impressionism,” a unique style that expresses emotion through details and volume. She uses a combination of palette knives and brushes to skillfully layer acrylic paints in dreamy scenes: heavy impasto forms lush foliage, coiled lines form thick clouds, and an array of small brushstrokes become fields of wild flowers. “I don’t think about the rules. I paint as I see it. I add volume to highlight and underline something or to show something closer, ”she says.

Trusova’s use of color is bold and often bright, and she tends to seek out a kaleidoscopic palette that makes sunsets or the reflection of a river look fantastic. These aesthetic choices are a direct result of her studies at Moscow Artscool and later at Moscow State Textile University, where she learned the physics of color and how certain applications and contexts affect perceptions. “For example, the same shade of red will look different when surrounded by light green or dark blue. There, we broadened our horizons, we helped to fall in love with the most incredible combinations ”, explains the artist based in Belgium.

You can see many more of Trusova’s impressionist paintings and dive into her process on Instagram, and buy prints and originals on her site.

#acrylic # impasto #landscapes #painting

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