IKEA launches extravagant collection with British print and textile designer Zandra Rhodes


Scandinavian-inspired interiors have been doing well for a long time, but these days it could be little more than that. Or sometimes a lot more. For example, a touch of color can perfectly refresh a sober interior. And we can take that seriously in IKEA’s new collection. In collaboration with designer Zandra Rhodes, the furniture chain explored how the strength of colors and patterns can also add character and appeal to an interior. The result is KARISMATISK, an extravagant collection that challenges color lovers to bring their interiors to life.

British patternmaker and textile designer Zandra Rhodes has revolutionized the fashion and textile industry for more than five decades. Gorgeous prints and vibrant colors are perfect for her. It’s no wonder, then, that Zandra’s bold style and style was a major inspiration for Ikea’s latest collection. Together, they study how the colorful world of Zandra is translated into the context of the house. This mission is expressed in a set of 26 elements that you can mix and match as you wish. From cushions and tapestries to vases and other decorations, you will find everything there.

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“Ikea understands my aesthetic perfectly, which is why it clicked so well,” says Zandra. “The design process was organic and honest, you can see that throughout the whole thing. For me it was a great adventure. It was also very exciting to translate ‘Zandra Rhodes: World of Color’ so that a lot of people could savor and appreciate it a bit.

Whether you want to add a splash of color to an understated interior or just opt ​​for a hard copy to make a strong statement, in principle anything is possible. As long as your interior reflects who you are. KARIMATISK is an ode to self-expression and encourages you to furnish your entire home in your own style and taste. In this way, the furniture series responds to the spirit of the current era, in which the interior can be brighter and more stylized. It is an advantage that cheerful colors also have a positive psychological effect on our mood.

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Designed by Zandra Rhodes. © IKEA

“When I design something, I always wonder if I’m going to use it myself,” Zandra says. “It’s important because we have to take the environment into account. IKEA also shares these beliefs. In addition, where possible, recycled materials were used.

The KARISMATISK collection will be available in Belgian IKEA stores from September. Please note: The supply of products is currently more difficult than usual. So always take a look at ikea.be for the latest information.


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