How to Save Money Online and Find Stores to Buy in India


The internet is gradually booming and as a result we have so many advantages at our disposal – no more queuing at the bank or waiting at the restaurant table or looking for a store to store balances and cash. discounts. From appliances to groceries to second-hand clothing, you can simply get it all online from the comfort of your couch. Many businesses have second-hand stores online and sell through their websites and social networks where you can browse and buy. Saving money online is easy, and you can get the best deals by knowing the dos and don’ts.

Online savings

The first step is to find a place to shop. There are many ways to save money online; including websites and social media accounts. For the uninitiated, the thrift store is a buying trend for second-hand or second-hand items such as clothing. Unlike in previous days, buying used items is no longer frowned upon. The trend has become popular in the recent past as a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Thanks to popular influencers in India, savings have made their way into the mainstream. With regular articles on thrift stores, the second-hand shopping scene has grown exponentially. Since the pandemic, the savings scene has seen many major platforms making it easier to buy and sell used goods.

Rising popularity in India: a new pandemic habit

Economical, eco-friendly and fashion nostalgic – there may be any of these reasons for you to adopt thrift stores. Thrift stores continued to be the preserve of hipsters for a very long time, despite the incredible opportunity to brand unique items at prices too good to be true. With the growing scepter of textile pollution and the accelerated pace of consumerism, purchasing habits are set to change.

There are a number of reasons and factors that can prevent you from experiencing the joys of saving. In India, resistance has been attributed to the deeply rooted prejudice that second-hand items are viewed as second-hand items in the culture. However, with the more and more frequent appearance of thrift stores, the idea has recently been given a facelift. And therefore, a clear shift in perspective as people become more aware of their choices. The thrift store scene on Instagram in India is booming and more and more new sellers are setting up shop.

Thrift stores where you can score unique points

Bombay closet cleaning

These people have been around for a while now and are experts at what they do. 100% charity sales are one of their key calls on a regular basis through which they fund or support a particular cause.

Vintage Copper Boom

With unusual style, their clothes are next to ordinary fashion. Durable, with an aesthetic appeal of their own, that’s a double win if you ask us.

Selected results

If it’s not seen yet, head over to their page now to check out some of the best accessory collections. They also house objects of interior decoration worthy of admiration. Currency? Re-wear, repair, recreate, recycle and re-love.

Lulu savings

This Manipur-based thrift store has a little something for everyone. Funky, quirky, and eye-catching edits are not available in any particular style.

lust thrift

They have extremely stylish shirts and breathtaking dresses. Beware of their intricate bras and tight fitting jeans.

Offers in Mumbai

For someone with a penchant for tie-dye sweatshirts and lightly washed denim, this one’s your go-to destination.

Paradim economy

They call themselves “Recycled and pop culture inspired and recycled clothing suitable for pockets”. One stop shop for printed sweaters, t shirts, hoodies and jackets, they provided the entire collection for men.

Buy with love

They like to be bold in their selection. If you are a woman with a weakness for alluring lingerie, you will love their collection. Beautiful bras, corsets and bralettes, this is the place to be.

Local savings

This Instagram store is so alluring that it seems to appeal to you. Each article is interesting and is bound to evoke an itch to buy something.

Savings banana

Started by fashion students, this one was created out of a conscious understanding of the tremendous damage the industry is doing to the planet. Among other attractive items, a few denim items make strong cameo appearances.

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