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Q: Does the neighborhood around Steege’s Meat Market in Cedar Falls have a name?

A: According to a Steege’s Meat Market employee who has lived in the neighborhood since 2004, the neighborhood is called Benson. The parcels around the local business at 9502 W. First St., have Cedar Falls mailing addresses.

Q: What is being built on Viking Road in front of Menards?

A: A UnityPoint Clinic Express is under construction in front of Menards at the corner of Viking Road and Prairie Parkway.

Q: Can a finished cross stitch piece be safely framed using acrylic or does it need to be behind glass?

A: Textile experts don’t necessarily agree whether acrylic or glass is better, but many experts recommend archival-grade glass for textiles like cross stitch, tapestry, and embroidery. The part must also be mounted correctly – no adhesives or glues that will damage the fabric. If archival glass isn’t an option, then it’s a personal preference. If you don’t like shiny, reflective surfaces, non-glare glass is an option, but it can blur the art. Ultra-clear glass is the next option. Glass conducts more moisture and temperature than acrylic, which can damage the fabric. Glass and acrylic both protect a room from dirt, oil, smoke, etc., and UV resistant acrylic protects against sun damage. Most standard chalkboard glasses provide some UV protection. Acrylic is shatterproof, so if the part does fall it won’t break, but it will scratch more easily than glass.

Q: On “Dancing with the Stars”, does each winner receive a trophy?

A: According to the “Dancing with the Stars” wiki, the trophy can either be two separate trophies for star and pro, or a single trophy for both.

Q: If you lose your COVID vaccination card, how do you get a replacement?

A: If you need a new vaccination card, contact the site of the vaccination provider where you received your vaccine. Your provider should give you a new card with up-to-date information about the vaccines you have received. If the location where you received your COVID-19 vaccine no longer works, contact your state or county health department for help.

Q: Was the tornado that hit Kentucky an EF5?

A: According to the National Weather Service for Paducah, Ky., The preliminary rating for the western Kentucky tornado is EF4. The maximum width of the tornado was at least three-quarters of a mile. The Kentucky Emergency Management Division said the tornado originated in Arkansas and traveled more than 220 ground miles in Kentucky before ending. If the National Weather Service confirms this information, it will be the longest continuous distance a tornado has ever traveled.

Q: Where did KWWL News’ Taylor Vessel go?

A: Taylor Vessel announced on November 28 that it would be leaving KWWL-TV. He called the move “bittersweet,” saying “it has been a pleasure and an honor to tell the stories of the people of eastern Iowa.” Vessel said he planned to “walk away from the news and do something else.”

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