Hologram developed to fight counterfeiting in the clothing industry


The new counterfeit hologram designed for the clothing industry is described as being similar to the holograms printed on banknotes to prevent fraud.

The hologram, which was created by Professor Martin Richardson, professor of holography at De Montfort University in Leicester (DMU), is embedded on thread fibers. The hologram will then appear when the tissue is placed under a microscope.

Professor Richardson explained, “The holographic technology under development at De Montfort University is targeted for trademark protection, being able to identify an authentic item from a fake. Counterfeits are now proliferating in consumer goods and it is essential to protect both the public and the industry if we are to continue to develop a strong and secure economy. “

The global counterfeiting industry is expected to hit $ 4.2 trillion by 2022, according to DMU. Last year, the fashion industry lost more than $ 50 billion from the sale of counterfeit products, including those claiming to be from major clothing and accessory brands, the statement said.

It is hoped that this innovation will lead to new approaches to protect against the illegal production of textiles such as the clothing and handbag industries.

DMU explains that textile piracy poses a big threat to the global garment industry. “Trafficking in pirated textiles is increasing around the world – it is also spreading rapidly to new technologies and formats, including security-critical items,” he says.

Professor Richardson heads the technical hologram installation known as the HOLO-Lab at De Montfort University in Leicester. He worked in the holographic industry for a number of years and earlier this year produced what is described as one of the first true color holograms.

Professor Richardson’s hologram-marked wires will be displayed as part of the Dubai Expo Fair.

Earlier this year, Just Style announced that tracking and tracing solutions specialist Covectra is deploying a smart label and mobile authentication solution to combat product counterfeiting.


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