Finder Green Fave: Flo Dancewear Eco-Friendly Leotards


These leotards are made from more durable fabrics and give young dancers the flexibility they need.

If you’re preparing your kids for the first term of dance class, a leotard is pretty essential. Although some dance schools sell a small range, not all of them are made from durable materials.

Flo Dancewear is an Australian company founded by Felicia Palanca – a former senior artist with the Australian Ballet.

The brand launched its eco range in 2021, which includes leotards, skirts and dresses. The leotards have a classic design, with a slight gather in the center of the front neckline and a low back.

They come in pink, blue and black designs which are all made from greener viscose fiber which has the same soft and luxurious feel as Flo Dancewear is known for.

What makes Flo Dancewear leotards green?

These leotards use a new type of viscose fabric made from certified renewable wood. Known as LENZING ECOVERO, the fabric uses up to 50% less water than regular viscose and up to 50% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

As a natural fiber, it is also biodegradable. According to LENZING ECOVERO website, once the fabric has reached the end of its use, it takes 3 months to degrade. In comparison, it takes 20 to 200 years for a non-biodegradable fabric to break down.

LENZING ECOVERO is certified by EU Ecolabel, which means that it meets an internationally recognized standard for textile products.

According to European Ecolabel website, this certification is “awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and disposal”.

Two girls in a dance studio wearing Flo Dancewear, including black leotards.

Flo Dancewear has also taken other steps towards sustainability. It offsets carbon emissions from online orders and also uses Heropack sustainable packaging. These shipping bags are made from plant materials and can be reused or placed directly in the compost bin. It then takes about 3 to 4 months for the packaging to break down into fertilizer.

What’s also inspiring is that Flo Dancewear has made these green changes during the pandemic – a time when dance schools (and the entire performing arts sector) have faced restrictions and strict uncertainties.

As Flo Dancewear founder Felicia Palanca said at the launch of this season’s range: “Nothing will make me happier than to see dance schools return and thrive, and little ballerinas twirl into a future safe and dynamic.”

Where can I buy it?

With a recommended retail price of $29.95, you can shop Flo Dancewear’s eco-friendly leotards on the brand’s website, as well as at retailers including Myer, David Jones and THE ICONIC. Abroad, you can also purchase Flo Dancewear products through Macy’s.

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Images: Provided (Flo Dancewear)


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