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Her laundry is simply addictive.

Fabrics-Store.com has one of the largest stocks of European and American linen fabrics online. The company works directly with its factories to offer the best fabrics at up to half the price of its competitors. This means there are no hidden charges and customers essentially get the fabric at cost.

Fabrics-Store.com is separate. They believe that products purchased by customers should benefit the world, not harm it. Each of their fabrics is eco-friendly and no component of their manufacturing process contributes to air, noise or water pollution. Their fabrics are made from 100% sustainable crops, grown in Europe under fair labor practices.

They exclusively sell natural fabrics because they believe they are a superior alternative to today’s synthetic textiles:

• Environmentally Friendly – ​​100% natural fibers can decompose in less than two weeks if buried or composted. Synthetics, like polyester, are made from petroleum and can take up to 200 years to decompose.

• Breathable – Unlike synthetic fabric which is actually just plastic, natural fibers allow air to pass freely, keeping your skin dry and cool.

• Hypoallergenic – Wearing natural fibers will help you avoid common allergic reactions. Fabrics-store.com fabric is also OEKO-TEX, an internationally recognized standard for verifying that fabrics are safe for human health.

• Ideal for beginners – 100% natural fibers are easier to work with because they stay in place while you sew.

• Filler Free – Competitors mix plastics or other cheap fillers to drive down the price, Fabrics-Store.com fabric is 100% pure.

More information can be found at https://fabrics-store.com/.

On Fabrics-Store.com

Fabrics-Store.com is a subsidiary of Create Work Media Inc., a textile-focused e-commerce startup incubator.

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