Eve Sleep Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector Review


Sleep’s Eve’s Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector is made with Outlast fabric, which claims to warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re a little too hot. If it works, that alone is surely worth a place in our ranking of the best mattress protectors. Corn Is that works? I’ve been reviewing one for the past three weeks or so to find out.

Eve is best known for making great mattresses (check out our Eve Premium Hybrid and Eve Lighter review for a taste), but they also make great sleep accessories. We’re fans of this brand’s mattress topper – find out what we thought of it in our Eve mattress topper review.

While this mattress topper is a great choice if you want to add a bit more plushness to your sleep surface, Eve also offers a range of three thinner mattress protectors. Eve’s Temperature Regulating Mattress Protector is the most expensive of the lot, and the one I’m going to focus on here. ‘The mattress protector’ is the cheapest choice, and there is also a “Breathe Easy Mattress Protector”, which is lightly quilted and claims to have anti-allergic properties. If you are sold on the Outlast, you can also get a pillow protector from the same range.

So, does this temperature regulation really work? And is it worth it? Here is my review of the Eve Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector.

Eve Temperature Balancing mattress protector: temperature regulation

The USP of this protector is that it claims to regulate your temperature overnight. It’s designed to warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re too hot. For this, he uses the Outlast fabric. Originally developed by NASA and also found in outerwear, Outlast contains very small, woven paraffin wax microcapsules. These absorb excess body heat and release it when it is cold.

It’s a sufficiently established technology that I suppose there’s Something in it, but I didn’t feel a noticeable difference in how hot or cold I felt in bed. I tested this through February, which means I haven’t really had a chance to assess the cooling claims yet, but I’ll update this article when warmer weather arrives.

The opinions of other reviewers almost all fall into the “I didn’t get too hot or too cold, but I don’t know if it’s because of the mattress protector or not” camp, although one of between them said, “In the winter, it feels like home having an underlying electric blanket on really low settings, except it’s not.” For the record, I didn’t feel like that.

Eve Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector

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Eve Temperature Balancing mattress protector: comfort

I was a little worried that the top surface would be stiff and thick, but it’s not at all. It’s thick enough to feel sturdy and provide a decent physical barrier against the mattress underneath, but soft enough to not interfere with the mattress surface you’ve paid so much for (if you’re looking for something to change the feel of the sleep surface, you need one of the best mattress toppers, rather than a mattress protector, remember). There’s no padding to speak of here, and you basically can’t really feel it when lying in bed, which is perfectly fine.

The Eve Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector is elasticated all around and stays in place without creasing or twisting. It’s also deep enough to fit on a thick mattress – the mattress I put it on is about 30cm high, and it would fit comfortably on a thicker mattress than that.

I was surprised there was no mention of water resistance in the Eve temperature-regulating mattress protector’s blurb. It seems that Eve focused on the temperature regulation part rather than the “protection” part. That said, any extra layer will naturally act as a sort of barrier against spills, and of course it’s also much easier to clean than an entire mattress.

Eve Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector

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Eve Temperature Balancing mattress protector: quality and care

Details on Eve’s website say this mattress protector is 100% cotton (presumably the Outlast microcaps are so tiny they’re only a negligible part of makeup, but I’m clarifying with Eve for the moment). The seam between the top and side sections is securely stitched and feels sturdy, but the elasticated edge is a little less neat. Obviously you won’t see it, but it’s not a cheap mattress protector, and I would expect a higher level of finish for that price.

It’s machine washable at 40°C – so lower than needed to effectively kill dust mites, if you’re concerned about that (this wash temperature isn’t unusual for bedding brands). Eve recommends washing every 3-4 weeks for best durability. This mattress protector is not suitable for bleaching or dry cleaning, but can be tumble dried and ironed on low heat. Eve offers a 2 year warranty on all textile products.

Eve Temperature Balancing Mattress Protector

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Eve Temperature Balancing mattress protector: verdict

So, at the heart of my Eve temperature-regulating mattress protector review – is it worth buying? As a mattress protector, it’s perfectly usable, but nothing out of the ordinary. I was impressed with how well it fit my deep mattress, how comfortable it was to sleep on, and how well it stayed in place, but there aren’t really any other notable features to speak of. to speak. It is not water resistant or waterproof, it is not quilted, etc.

Really, this mattress protector is all about those warming/cooling properties, and what you’re paying for is the Outlast fabric. Whether or not it really works is up for debate. The lack of confident customer reviews confirms my own assessment that the effect is minimal, but not necessarily non-existent. Whether you think it’s worth it depends on whether you think it will work for you – if you’re often very cold or very hot at night, it might be worth it.


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