ETERNA Shirts Spring / Summer 2022 Trend Report: new ‘feel good’ pieces


Exclusive but suitable for everyday use

Our new daily routine is shaking up men’s fashion. The transitions between casual wear and office looks are getting smoother and smoother. Plus, we expect more from our clothes; because we don’t want to be bound by superficial labels.

Business looks have taken on a much more modern twist and are shedding their “uniform” character. They become more individual and reveal more personality. No more compromises: new materials and functions for maximum comfort are important selling points for making everyday life more flexible. This is why our collection is increasingly focusing on hybrid styles.


These articles are the driving force behind the collection: Strong and pronounced hybrids, which have knowingly left behind the constraints of a clear affiliation to a product group or a department. We believe that such categorical thinking is outdated anyway.

We have the look

The look is not only decisive for the development of individual garments, but also creates new possibilities for interpretation. Style and idea are crucial. How can i combine

my new favorite shirt? In what environment will I wear it? Beach, office, garden, club – anything seems possible. That’s why we also included style variations for individual looks in our photoshoot to show off the versatility of the pieces. It also allows us to rethink and reinterpret the essential.

Surfaces in motion

Washed fabrics, structures, piece-dyed effects and old-fashioned dye effects are a summer must-have. They must be wrinkled. As a result, linen and new natural fabrics play an important role. The treatments bring a new serenity, a new self-image. The look

becomes more natural, more relaxed, more authentic. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to wear anything else.

Materials: Pure nature

At ETERNA, we are increasingly relying on good alternatives to cotton, even though all our cotton fabrics already meet at least the BCI standard. Linen and Tencel are perfect for the summer collection and carry a significantly higher proportion of the range than a year ago. Presentation. . . a new summer twill made from 100% Tencel. Tencel yarn is also used in our functional items, such as the PERFORMANCE SHIRT, because it has many positive wearing properties: it is soft, refreshing, breathable and durable.

Also new is an ultra-soft gauze weave fabric in the premium segment for a built-in air conditioning effect on particularly hot days. Enjoy a unique feeling and comfort. We deepen the notion of upcycling and also present knits and jerseys in new, more durable yarn compositions. In fact, our sustainability standard is generally very high for all materials and production processes, as all ETERNA shirts carry the product label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO TEX®. In the premium segment, we

have also added carbon neutral production, and in the casual segment this is complemented by recycling materials and plastic-free packaging. Even for the buttons of our casual shirts, we have opted for a more sustainable alternative: they are now made from recycled organic resin.

Must have: short sleeve

The must-have pieces for next summer are the trendy short-sleeved shirts. In a slightly square and oversized cut, preferably washed and made in soft summery materials, such as Tencel / linen blends. Monochrome, colorful, buttoned, Kent, Vario prints – anything goes!


Terracotta and olive are important trend colors and create powerful accents in combination with sand, stone and taupe.

The season begins with a radiant summer yellow juxtaposed with a light indigo. The strong, intense undertones are softened somewhat by the dye and wash effects, making them appear almost sun washed.

Favorite style: layered and relaxed silhouettes

Our favorite look this season is a 100% linen safari-style military jacket, casually worn over a striped summer shirt paired with a knit tie.

All the pieces are a little loose and come in warm taupe tones. This is our vision for a stylish and contemporary summer collection for this year.

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