DMK government plans future to regain lost pride of Tamil Nadu: Stalin


Claiming his government will reclaim the ‘lost pride of Tamil Nadu’, Chief Minister MK Stalin said state administration and financial management had been badly degraded for 10 years, but DMK dispensation took proactive steps in its first 10 months toward planning for the future rather than simply blaming previous regimes.

He also said that the criticism by the BJP and the AIADMK of his various political initiatives and other measures, including his trip to Dubai to collect investments, was proof of his success and affirmed that all election promises made by the DMK had already been fulfilled or are nearing completion.

After a massive election victory last year, Stalin took over the reins of Tamil Nadu at a time when the state was facing a huge debt situation.

Asked about the challenges ahead and how he plans to implement his long-awaited pledges such as Rs. 1,000 per month rights aid for women and tax cuts on petroleum products, in addition to the tax reduction already made on gasoline, Stalin declared: “For 10 years, the administrative and financial management of Tamil Nadu has deteriorated sharply. We came to power in such an environment.” ”Instead of just blaming the past, we are taking proactive steps and making progress in the last 10 months of the DMK government. Within 10 months of the start of the next phase of work, we are making progress in all areas towards ascension,’ the DMK supremo told PTI in an interview here.

Stalin, who was in the nation’s capital for a three-day visit, said his government had cut unnecessary spending on finances.

”We have reduced the deficit gap and we are multiplying the financial income. Many new businesses are created. We organize the Commercial Investor Conference. The new export policy has been adopted. I recently attracted an investment of Rs 6,100 crore through a trip to Dubai. We have thus continued to pave the way for the expansion of financial management,” he said.

He further stated that the DMK government has kept most of its promises.

“We gave Rs 4,000 each to 2.13 crore people as corona relief, 13 free groceries to family cardholders and 22 items to 2.13 crore families as Pongal gifts. Free bus service is provided for women, 14 lakh jewelry loans have been written off.

”Up to Rs 2,000 crore has been lent to women’s self-help groups. The price of milk supplied by the public company Aavin has been reduced by Rs 3 per litre. Petrol has been reduced by Rs 3 per litre. We have launched new programs such as the home health care program and the home education program, and I am the first to do so,” he said.

Stalin further asserted, “We will definitely implement the Rs 1,000 entitlement program for the woman you mentioned. The list of eligible candidates is being drawn up for the benefits to be granted.” ”We are not just talking about challenges, we are moving towards future planning. We will surely soon regain the lost pride of Tamil Nadu,’ the Chief Minister said.

On the opposition, especially the BJP, relentlessly targeting him and the AIADMK making critical remarks on his recent trip to Dubai, Stalin said: ”The fact that the BJP and the AIADMK are targeting us is a sign that the trip to Dubai was a huge success. . They couldn’t bear to see that the DMK government could achieve success in such a short time.” Top AIADMK leader K Palaniswami had recently said that Stalin’s visit to Dubai was just a ”family picnic”.

The DMK also demanded Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai to issue an unconditional public apology to Stalin and pay Rs 100 crore as damages to the chief minister’s relief fund for allegedly making remarks ” false, frivolous, despicable and scandalous” against the leader. Minister during his visit to Dubai.

Speaking about the results of his visit to Dubai, Stalin said that Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) had been signed with companies from six of the most important industries, contracts worth Rs 6,100 crore were signed , which should provide jobs for 14,700 people.

”I went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and met with ministers from important ministries, government officials and heads of major companies in the country. Their visit will lay the foundation for the development of Tamil Nadu. The textile, medical services, agribusiness and iron ore sectors will grow. In this sense, the trip to Dubai laid the foundation for the development of Tamil Nadu. Otherwise, I don’t care about their criticism,” he added.


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