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Lightweight silhouettes, pretty pastels, colorful florals and timeless vacation outfits, that’s what Meghna Goyal’s Summer Somewhere boutique is all about. The designer’s creations are a hit not only with her best friend Alia Bhatt, but also with many Bollywood celebrities, who resonate with what the brand stands for, which is sustainability and timelessness. In conversation with the designer, we talk about inspirations, environmental awareness and more.

Representing the brand name, Meghna Goyal launched Summer Somewhere as an idea to cater to a certain type of wardrobe that is perfect for vacations and has everyday value. “I realized that there was no brand that offered fashionable, affordable and timeless holiday wear in India,” Goyal tells us. “And that’s where the idea for the brand came from. At the same time, it was very important to me that the clothes were versatile and trans-seasonal. They had to have repeat value and the ability to pass to your everyday post-travel wardrobe. So SS embraces my love for travel and fashion. And I’m a summer girl through and through. That’s my perpetual mindset. (and by extension, our clothes too), where the name comes from”, explains the founder, about the creative name.

Meghna Goyal

SS is also known for its durable outfits, which the fashion industry only belatedly realizes. “I have always been very aware of the impact of human actions on our planet. My family has been in the fashion industry for over 40 years, so I have been able to see the impact of the fashion industry. first-hand fashion and that’s what inspired me to start Summer Somewhere – where I can still express myself through fashion but do it in a more conscious way,” says the designer who goes on to explain that he takes about 2 months for an outfit to come to life for purchasing, sampling and production Goyal has also pledged that SS will collect 1kg of plastic from landfills for every order placed and also ensure that that textile waste is reused.SS fabrics also boast that they are made from 100% biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly fabrics, while its dyeing process uses around 50% less water. also ensured that the packaging materials are 100% re cycleable, ensuring that from production to distribution, the impact on the environment is minimal.


Alia Bhatt in Summer Somewhere


Katrina Kaif in Summer Somewhere

When it comes to the designs themselves, SS is a complete reflection of the designer’s personal style. “I think authenticity comes from a place of relatability; so each piece is the one I would wear. The ones my friends would wear. One would be the girl next door,” Goyal says of the brand. which is clearly more accessible than ambitious, which is also working on a bigger size and will soon expand the sizes up to XXL. And while the outfits are aimed at women right now, Summer Somewhere is also planning to make a foray into menswear, very very soon!

When inspiration strikes, we’re curious what’s next for Goyal. The go-getter tells us, “I pick up my phone instantly and start sending millions of messages to my team.” And where does inspiration usually strike her? “Usually in the car, when I look out the window and get lost in thought.


Bhumi Pednekar in Summer Somewhere


Janhvi Kapoor in Summer Somewhere

Goyal also recently tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Karan Soman. We’re curious about her choice of wedding attire, which only further reflected the designer’s sense of style. “Comfort – it’s always my top priority. It’s the main reason why I chose to wear an easy to wear printed saree. I knew I had to stay in this outfit for a long time and meet a lot of people – so it was essential for me to be able to walk around and have a good time while staying comfortable,” she tells us.

And while an array of leading Bollywood ladies including Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Janhvi Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar and more have already sported her designs, we want to know who she would like to see in SS. “Hailey Beiber. Her style is so simple,” she says before signing off.

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