Cruces Creatives has spring break “doing classes”


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On weekdays, Monday, March 28 through Friday, April 15, nonprofit makerspace Cruces Creatives, 205 E. Lohman Ave., will be offering spring break creative classes for kids ages 6 to 13, Emmajean Smith said. , events coordinator for Cruces Creatives, in an email to the Bulletin.

Classes include a variety of creative and hands-on projects: string art, electric gardens, dragon eggs and electric wands, stop motion with Legos, propeller cars, free builds and more.

The cost is $20 per class for ages 7-13 and $15 for the Little Tinkering age group, ages 4-6.

Visit for more information.

Cruces Creatives “works to foster economic development, lifelong learning, support the arts, protect the environment, strengthen social ties, and advance science and technology by connecting people with the tools, training, and community to make almost anything. Cruces Creatives offers cooperative access to tools including a full woodworking shop, electronics lab, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, vinyl cutters, specialized software and computer workstations, a textile lab, an audio recording studio, a photography and digital videography lab, a project-based children’s classroom, a bicycle repair shop and more.

Cruces Creatives welcomes community members to lead classes and share their skills.

Propose a class by filling out the proposal form at or by emailing event coordinator Emmajean Smith at [email protected]

Contact Smith at [email protected]



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