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Mark: Matt McCormick x AllRightsReserved

Release date: Friday July 2

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Editor’s Note: First a tattoo artist, Matt McCormick tattooed celebrities such as Tyler, Creator and Mac Miller to refine his artistic style, then explore Western themes through painting, drawing and now for the first time in tapestries. Dedicated to.

Partnership with Hong Kong Design Studio All Rights Reserved Behind KAWS Oversized Size Holiday exhibition And that of Verdi Exposure In Hong Kong, McCormick brought a cowboy motif to the canvas.

For an ongoing collaboration called “MEET Matt McCormick PROJECT,” the artist has created a lone cowboy sculpture that sits and a vase inspired by classic cowboy boots. “I’m making a three-dimensional cowboy piece on the outside of the jewelry,” McCormick said. “Taking a painting and reinterpreting it into sculpture was like learning a new language at the beginning. It’s a whole new perspective on the subject.

McCormick now makes a limited edition rug and can purchase 100 signed pieces from the Highsnobiety store. “I was thinking of a functional piece that I hadn’t made yet that would lead to the subject of the piece, and rugs and tapestries came out,” the artist explains. “The western United States has a rich history of these items and many of the finest textile pieces from Indigenous people, but also from modern cowboys and ranchers who tend to use them most often in my work. The impact was not lost, and it seemed like a fitting addition to the project. “

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Cowboy Matt McCormick x ALLRIGHTS RESERVED Rug: Buy Here

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